My “Date” with John Legend

In Uncategorized on November 12, 2009 at 11:15 pm

Ask anyone who has any form of relation to me, who I obsess over — the consensus will undoubtedly be John Legend. It began as an admirer of his soothing soul music, to a full BLOWN obsession over the past year. I think about him all too often, and with that in mind, I think it would be highly enjoyable to come up with my “faux date night” with him.

Here’s the one caveat — he does already have a girlfriend, but the deal with her is as such. I CLEARLY follow her on Twitter, and it is confirmed : yes she is beautiful but not a brain surgeon to say the least. John won one of TIME Magazine’s Most Influential People last year — LIKE, come on John. She doesn’t have to be a brain trust but she should be able to spell properly for gosh sake.

villa lounge 020508I believe at concert number…. well, at the next concert I’m going to of his which will be on January 1st in Atlantic City, he will finally recognize my presence and bring me on stage for “Slow Dance”. He usually picks, the most voluptuous, and attractive African American female in the audience. Meaning. My chances are unbelievably small but a girl can dream right?


So, I was reading Bon Appetit last night, and came across a Q&A with John about his most memorable meals, favorite foods, and craziest dining experiences. As you could imagine, my adoration for B.A. just signifcantly increased…. they combined JL and food, what more could I possibly ask for? ANYWAYS, he listed off some of his favorite foods as well as what he loves to cook up/ drink when out/ steer clear from. His love for eggs and VODKA SODAS confirmed that were soul mates. I thought it’d be funny to post the “faux dinner” I’d make for him, if and when I get the chance to make this dream a reality.

Mac & Cheese

Courtesy of Smitten Kitchen

Courtesy of Smitten Kitchen

Fried Chicken


Individual Chicken Pot Pies


…. Sigh, enough with the day dreaming!

  1. Hi taylor! Got your group invite and thought i’d browse the blog, it looks great!

    Anyway, i got to style john legend for an event i worked on over the summer, and he’s the nicest! He still ties his ties by wrapping them around his thigh, tying it there, slipping it off his leg and tightening it around his collar. Too cute.

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