My NYC Weekend Getaway….

In Uncategorized on November 23, 2009 at 2:29 am

I don’t think of myself as a square, but I’m beginning to think I am…. The hotel I stayed at for the weekend, Ace Hotel, located on West 29th & Broadway was most definitely an eye opener. Once I got settled in, however, and had a few Vodka Soda’s with my friend Tracey the place grew on me. By this morning when I checked out I was somewhat sad… I will miss waking up to people still up partying and blasting techno jams at 9 am. Think faux prescription glasses, “man purses”, esoteric drink menus, and a whole lot of swank.

Okay, I am really bad with directions and got lost trying to find this Meat Packing Hot Spot, but luckily I eventually found it. I am in love with that area of the city — I was never too familiar with it, nor did I ever really venture there until now. From now on I will be… It’s “hoppin” as my mother likes to say. Dinner at One Little West 12th was enjoyable — atmosphere was great, seats were perhaps a bit too close for comfort but the dishes were all solid — I had the Roasted Pear and Beet Salad with a light Vinaigrette and Goat Cheese for an appetizer, and had the Pan Roasted Chicken with a Sweet Potato Puree and Fig Compote with a Cider Reduction. I’m not a fan of figs, but besides that I really enjoyed the dish.

My other dinner was at Inoteca Liquori, a bustling Italian restaurant located on 3rd and 24th. I was NOT  a fan of the atmosphere, but the food was pretty good. I wouldn’t say the restaurant was a STAND OUT, but it would be a nice booked meal for a fun, lively, Italian dinner in the city. The one perk to the restaurant? For an appetizer, dinner, two glasses of vino, and a cappuccino it was 31 DOLLARS. Where can you honestly find deals like that nowadays?

The last stop on my little excursion was at The Other Room, courtesy recommendation of my new NYU friend Oliver. The Other Room, located in the West Village on Perry Street, was so warm and inviting I couldn’t even believe it. It sucks you in from the outside, really. The bar featured a series of esoteric beers and wines to choose from, comfy booths and tables, and an overall chic and ultra relaxing environment.

What a great weekend…. Until next time


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