Style Trends I’m Drooling Over…

In Uncategorized on November 23, 2009 at 9:29 pm

Before I began this blog, I was a huge fashionista…. I took and created my OWN “upper level” Fashion Illustration and Design courses in my high school, won Best Dressed Superlative, and even went to University of Delaware originally for PR in Fashion. My have things changed…. I will say, however, I do sometimes get swept back into my love for fashion and all things trendy. While my daily attire doesn’t branch far off from yoga pants, my old school nikes, and a wrap of some sort, I do TRY sometimes, and when I do? I look darn good. I thought it’d be fun to do a little fashion round up, pointing out some of my favorite trends…

ALL THINGS GLITTER- The only department I’m a sucker for Holiday Season is with my adoration for the Starbucks cups, New York Window Decorations, and all things GLITTER (in both clothing and makeup). MAC makes this orgasmic Gold Eyeliner, I MUST HAVE IT NOWWWW…. I ran into Eva Mendes pictures from the AFI Awards recently. If I could text her right now I would and ask her where she got the dress, I need it immediately.

PERFUME RINGS- I am such a sucker for perfume in general, I also tend to over use it — I wake up, spray some, then throughout the day, squirt some here and there… hence why I am currently staring at THREE EMPTY MARC JACOBS PERFUME BOTTLES, sigh… tear. Anyway, I love rings and love the accessibility of these perfume rings. They’re adorable looking and secretly carry your perfume? I’m such a fan.

TIE DIE JEANS- I think I love and hate this style trend, I get it — you can afford $500 tie died jeans, and it is reminiscent of your younger years but is it necessary that all celebs carry themselves like MK Olsen?!? I like the concept, light washed tie died jeans are hot, but at the same time I’m hating the “I’m not a fashion follower when in reality I really am” look.

METALLIC EYE SHADOWS- This look probably makes a world of difference for people with smaller eyes. My eyelashes, however, are about a foot in length so I would try this look solely because it’s warm and inviting. I think these bronze eye lids could really transform a dull black cocktail dress outfit to a show stopper.

BOXY JACKETS WITH MISMATCHED TEES- I love boxy jackets because they can be dressed up or down — I think it would be so hot to pair one of these jackets with ripped up jeans and boots. It could also look great dressed up maybe with Harem Pants? The possibilities are endless, as are the mismatched tees you could pair under neath them.

  1. eye shadows that are waterproof are great and i always use them:~:

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