Food Network Stars — Those I Love and Those I Hate

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Food Network Chefs I Can’t Get Enough Of….

Guy Fieri – where do I even really begin with Guy? I love.. love… LOVE… Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Anyone that has come across me over the years knows my obsession with him and with the show. HOW the hell he’s not already due for a Gastric Bypass is beyond me but god blessed him with great genes that enable him to eat the world’s best comfort food… every day of his life. What a rough life right?

Paula Deen- Can I sit here and say I try out her godforsaken recipes? No, No I cannot. But what I can say is that she’s completely comfortable with herself and proud of her artery clogging/ truly Southern recipes and dishes. If any of you have been longtime readers of my blog you know I made a post one time about “Paula Deen Trying to Kill Us” – better known as P.D.I.T.T.K.U — anyway, I think if she were to cut her butter requirements in 75th’s? I’d be willing to try some of her recipes… Love her cooky self regardless.

The Neely’s- WHAT AN ADORABLE COUPLE – I envy their loving relationship more than the “homecook” food they produce on the show. The reason they’re on my list is because they’re newbies but are so adorable and have great chemistry together on the air that can’t be “directed”.

Ina Garten- Is it bad to say I have a HUGE girl crush on Ina? I grew up spending my summers in the Hamptons — aka I grew up with Barefoot Contessa within walking distance. She is an inspiration and should be given tenure on the Food Network as of…. right this instant.

Food Network Stars That Need To Be Exiled

Rachel Ray- I KNOW I am not alone on this one… everything about her drives me nuts still, after all of the years I’ve been a Food Network fan. She talks too much, uses slang that no one thinks is “cutesy” and wears jeans and snug sweaters FAR too “snug” for her physique. It’s time you and the hubby relocate to France, buy some berets, and order some croissants and be done with us Americans.

Emeril Lagasse- GAG ME WITH ONE OF HIS SPOONS PLEASE. Emeril, you’re not quirky, nor are you really interactive with the audience that is told when to clap on command to your “BAM!” usage. It was funny I’m sure when it began in like….. 97′ but now it’s overdone and just because you sprinkle Paprika on Fish does NOT automatically mean I will be excited to try your recipes.

Sandra Lee- I don’t get her…. I just don’t get her. She takes bowls of Cool Whip, plops the contents in bowl, and “decorates” the sides of the bowl with Nilla Wafers and I’m expected to swoon over her recipes? I don’t think so. I understand that everything is “Semi Home Made” but it just doesn’t do it for me…. I think either you’re going to spend the 30 minutes in the kitchen making an easy home made pasta, or you’re going to buy a pre-made cake. Don’t waste 30 minutes of your time making something that looks like a child in Kindergarden made it during recess.

  1. Taylor! i hate sandra lee too… i’m pretty convinced she’s drunk during all her tapings.. plus.. wtf? semi-homemade? groooosssss and cheap is what i have to say to that..

    • I couldn’t agree more– I get she came from “humble backgrounds” but I don’t think it’s necessary to translate that into your dishes!

  2. Okay, usually I am completely with you on most things but really, you like Guy? One, he is annoying and two, his restaurants are awful. There is a Johnny Garlic’s here and Tex Wasabi. Tex Wasabi is okay. On the day that we were there they were actually shooting an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Anyway, Johnny Garlic’s is unimaginative and all over the menu he boasts about bold flavors and “off the chart” creations. Huge seasoning problems all over the place and boring food.

    But I do love Ina. I make a lot of her recipes because they are always fool proof.

    How did you manage to get 4K+ hits in one day?

    • Hahah I mean — I love Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives I don’t think his recipes on his other show are good by ANY means. And I would marry Ina if I could.

      I have no IDEA how it works out in regards to hits — I typically have between 1,000 and 2,400 a day but some days I get AN INSANE amount.

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