Wish Restaurant, South Beach– Review

In Uncategorized on January 4, 2010 at 5:39 pm

Very rarely am I blown away – from the moment I walk into a restaurant to the last bite. At Wish, located in “The Hotel” in Miami Beach, I was absolutely floured with the unbelievable the service, food, and ambiance.

We were escorted into an outdoor wonderland – I don’t think there is any other way to word the landscape. It was beautifully decorated and lush – adorned with huge palm trees and white umbrellas that sucked you in. In addition to the atmosphere, the highly innovative illuminated menus were probably the most unique aspect of the whole dinner – outdoor seating and dimly lit dining tables around the world should follow in Wish’s footsteps – take it from someone who has two parents unable to EVER read menus without having to put glasses on, it is quite a luxury and a nice change of pace to have illuminated menus.

I heard about the Miso Cod prior to dining at Wish so I knew I had to try it – I had a reinvented version of a Caesar salad to start and then the Miso Cod as an entrée – both were flawless. There were a few standout dishes: the Cod most definitely, the black truffle macaroni and cheese which as my mom whose hands down a “meat and potatoes gal” said was worth eating solely as her entrée. I suggest Wish without a doubt and hope on my next excursion to South Beach, which will be very soon, I make a trip back there.


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