Why Do I Fall For The Dorks?

In Uncategorized on January 31, 2010 at 5:43 pm

When you think of your favorite celebrity males I am sure a few major names pop into your head…. let’s see here: Johnny Depp? Will Smith? Colin Farrell? In my opinion, yes, I find them attractive (put in big finger quotations) but in reality, they don’t really keep me up at night …. the somewhat nobody nerd’s do instead.

Here are my top three nerdy celebrity crushes, and I mean big time crushes. These people for the most part are a) not well known b) if they are well known, are not in good shape c) all under 6 feet tall. Here goes nothing:

THOMAS IAN NICHOLAS- are you asking yourself, the name sounds familiar but how do I know him? If so, then you’re right on the money. He was the child in Rookie of The Year and then Kevin in American Pie — and yes, I loved loved him in both roles.

He then progressively got less roles in Hollywood and drifted into the “I’m somewhat famous so I can hopefully use that to jumpstart a mediocre singing career” which makes me sad but I may/may not be a fan of his on Myspace merely to keep my dream alive.

COLIN HANKS — YES, Hanks not Farrell. Colin was in a few roles such as a regular on the TV show Roswell and the main character in Orange County. I was attracted to him when I first laid my eyes on him in Roswell, he is nerdy, underweight, and not even remotely good at acting (Tom, what went wrong???) but for some reason, he is my dream man. If you’re reading this Colin, and single, message me 😉

DAVID SPADE — Where do I even begin with this one? When I started watching Tommy Boy/ Black Sheep the obsession began, then it escalated when I became a regular watcher of Just Shoot Me. The obsession escalated to unhealthy levels when I heard of his romps/ escapades with EVERY HOT BLONDE VIXEN in Hollywood. Again I say guys he is not fit, nor do I think he is even MY HEIGHT, however there is something SO hot about him ….. I don’t know. Maybe I should get my vision checked.


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