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Foods I Will Never Like

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I thought I have done a post similar to this in the past, but I realized after some browsing that I haven’t — so here goes. I am foodie, yes, however there are certain foods (or one candy in this case) that you CANNOT put me near. I do not like you and I never will. I know everyone’s list of their “Least Favorite Foods” will differ significantly from person to person, so I figure why not throw my own list out first. Hopefully some of you will reply with your least liked foods as well.

1) ORANGES — I think what I dislike more than the obnoxious citrus smell and taste are those people who are the “Orange Eaters” — ALL of you know what I’m talking about. You’re in class… or sitting at work in a cubicle and you hear someone begin peeling and you know then it’s only the beginning. Next thing you know the entire office smells like oranges and the worker comes over to talk but all you can focus on is her/his smelly ass hands. NO THANKS.

2) MOZZARELLA– Judge me if you’d like.. I don’t like anything about this particular cheese. I think the wet/mushy consistency is too much to stomach and I also don’t like the fact that unless you pair it well or get it extremely fresh, it’s a totally lackluster purchase. LAME.

3) AVOCADO’S– I mean… I get they are a “nutritional powerhouse”, however, I do not sway that way if you will. My mom is a MASSIVE avocado eater she would eat it for dessert if they found a legitimate way to incorporate it. I’m on the other end of the spectrum. I think it’s mushy, green and turns brown extremely quickly — doesn’t sound appealing to me. I will stick to other nutritional super foods such as mushrooms, eggplants, and asparagus — thank you very much.

4) OLIVES — While I do subscribe heavily to the Mediterranean Diet I despise olives. I don’t know why exactly. Maybe I despise those green and red ones more than the Kalamata Olives, but regardless, I don’t like the entire family. I don’t think they add the right flavor to dishes they are incorporated into, maybe it’s just me. Also, the vivid image of my grand mom chomping down on those olives in her martinis doesn’t make them any “sexier” in my opinion.

5) GOOD AND PLENTY’S — This pick isn’t a food, no, it is a “candy” however it has to be included into this list or else I have completed nothing with this post. I DESPISE black licorice more than most other foods on this planet (yes I do have an odd liking for the least liked foods i.e. — mushrooms, brussel sprouts, and all greens for the most part so you may not want to take my word). Regardless, I remember I would get these candies in my Trick or Treat Basket and begin shaking all over — ANYONE CARE TO SWAP HALLOWEEN CANDIES?

Tiger Versus Toyota – The Lightening Round

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I love love love media blitzes and scandals involving major celebrities and major corporations. I am currently in a grad level communication course called, “Crisis Communication”. How fitting of a time to take this course when we have the largest auto-manufacture recall in decades unraveling day by day?

Right now, as you could imagine, I am in my glory a celebrity scandal AND a huge crisis communication case…. TIGER VERSUS TOYOTA.

ROUND ONE: Accountability

TIGER: He is 100% responsible for his current situation. He cheated not once, not twice, hey not even TEN times while married with children. He is now saying he takes “full accountability” so I will give him a +1 on this one… He also doggedly explains that he felt he was ‘above the law’ and invincible. He wins this round for taking full responsibility and being honest +1

TOYOTA: Toyota, while beginning more recalls and public appearances has yet to take full responsibility. In addition, it took begging and pleading by high level executives to have Toyoda decide to come and speak before a court in the United States. Until they pull “a Tiger” and take responsibility for the damages they’ve so far inflicted, they lose this round.

ROUND TWO: The Next Steps

TIGER: He is not rushing back into golf — that’s good for him bad for his sponsors, fans, and endorsers. I think at this point in time it would be foolish to try and “let his golf do the talking”. He realized he needs to keep out of the limelight for the time being and stay in his therapy. I would say other than the mechanical speech he gave yesterday, his points about his “next steps” answered all lingering questions the media and his targeted publics had. +1

TOYOTA: They are crafting ways to fix the accelerator problem however as of now it is not a concrete solution. Yesterday when asked about the new system, Toyoda responds, “This should work”. Right. NEXT. In addition, more and more cars are now being recalled and brought into question such as the Prius, Lexus, and Corolla- until they figure out what THE HELL IS GOING ON they will not win a fight against Tiger, sorry.


Free Lil Wayne

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He confuses me. He intrigues me. He also excites me. He is the one and only Lil Wayne. While I cannot condone freeing him from prison, (weapon charges? really?) I will list off the reasons why I do admire and respect Lil Wayne the rapper, the entrepreneur, and the tattoo connoisseur.

1) Who else is still as confident as he is after having to go through 8 root canals in one day as a result of decaying under his grill? COME ON, any other celebrity would hide that information as much as possible but Wayne “don’t hate it” — I get it’s really cool to have the whole metal mouth look working but realize Wayne you need to take care of what’s UNDERNEATH as well

2) His tattoos take all day to look at and admire, and I love it. Is your next question, do I have any tattoos of my own? The answer is absolutely not, but I will say I do admire some good artwork every now and again. The sheer amount of ink on his body mesmerizes me — will he die randomly of ink poisoning? Who knows.

3) He has a 2010 version of the Napoleon Complex — the child is what? 4’10? Yet when you speak with him his confidence increases his height by a foot, at least — he is cocky and holds nothing back. With four or five kids already, he clearly has no problem finding women — good for him right?

4) He loves the pot and the “drank” — which in Wayne world is cough syrup. His hourly/ daily intake of pot is also dumbfounding. He smokes all day and all night — and he is happy to go to jail for short durations for possession of drugs. I like in the new Rolling Stone article he says he hasn’t “f’ed” with the cough syrup in a while — can’t ya think of something a bitttt more hardcore than Robitussin Wayne?

The Fight Against Obesity — What’s Really Working?

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Today, in the New York Times Business Section, an article caught my attention. The article talked about Hershey’s launch of new “Pieces” Candies — think Almond Joy “Pieces” and York Peppermint “Pieces” — Hershey’s is aiming to compete with the extremely popular Reese’s Pieces which has been around for quite some time now. The reviews of the new bite sized on the go candies, however, are somewhat mixed to say the least. The peppermint candies had a lot of customers and candy experts confused — inside of the pieces lies dark chocolate that tastes like peppermint as opposed to the memorable white creamy filling.

The launch was also prompted for another reason — the problem with full sized candies in our modern obese society. They are hoping instead of eating a package of either Almond Joys or York Patties people will share and give some to themselves and some to friends.

Another article written recently by Mark Bittman, the legendary food writer, described the ways in which TOBACCO can be compared to SODA. He explains the detrimental effects soda (in excess) has on children and adults alike. The statistics really surprised me most in the article — Bittman explains that MOST of the calories we consume in our diet are from sugary caloric sodas, not from food we consume – that surprised me. With that in mind, states are in the midst of talks about “10 percent taxes on all soda beverages” — some states have already implemented this law, however, it has not grown to encompass all US states, but it may in the near future. Similarly to smoking cigarettes, if the prices escalate either the amount of soda consumed will go down or the habit may cease to continue all together.

Another way companies are trying to curb the problem of obesity is by creating “100 Calorie Pack” foods — pretty much every type of snack and dessert on the market has been turned into 100 calorie versions. The problem with this creation is that not only do they look and taste nothing like the original but they are NOT filling and most likely people will be consuming more than 1 bag.

My question at the end of the day ultimately is…. what will really be the winning ticket to curbing obesity? I don’t think it’s mini versions of fattening cookies and “cakesters” nor do I think people will stop drinking their Coca Cola’s. I think it will take a restructuring of all schools, workplaces, and education in order for people to really start shaping their lives differently.

My Extreme Love and Hate for John Mayer (Part Deux)

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I cannot emphasize just how much I despise John Mayer in many forms of his existence. But here is the catch — I have loved all albums he has put out since I was in 7th grade… I am now graduating from college. That’s saying something. There have been PLENTY of musicians that have come and go on my IPod and in my heart but John’s lyrics and songs capture me. I feel I can relate to so many of his lyrics. But this is where the conflict arises in my head…

How is a musician who produces such lyrical and meaningful songs SUCH a womanizing, trash talking, psychological liar in real life? It makes no sense to me. Do I stop buying his music because he kisses and tells? Or do I continue to endorse him in his musical endeavors, while trying my best to forget about his personal existence? That’s where the conflict lies in my eyes.

1) I don’t like his inability to shut his mouth in the Social Networking Universe — it is NOT necessary you Twitter about your bowel movements, masturbation, and how great of a lay you are

2) Find a great psychologist and sex therapist, and book yourself some appointments — after the recent stunts in Playboy Magazine, I wouldn’t be surprised if others gave you the same goddamn advice, you not only used the “n” word in a derogatory manner, but you also once again exploited Jessica Simpson and your situation between the sheets — grow up and get help

3) You have officially taken over the title of the “Biggest Womanizer in the Music Industry” — congrats John, really. I’m sure you’re extremely proud of yourself. Here’s the thing — If I were a celebrity female, and you tried approaching me I would VEER clear. Once a womanizer, always a womanizer in my eyes. These girls don’t seem to mind, but I certainly would.

So there’s my advice for the “oh so lovely” Mayer. The thing is, I will still continue to support him in his musical profession, I presume I just won’t be taking his Blackberry Pin if I ever happen to run into him at a bar ANY TIME in the near future. My final comment will be as follows: He needs a tune up.

Valentine’s Day — You Stink, Literally

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Okay, so without having to even read this post, you know, I’m not the most chipper person come February. I am not saying I have not had my fair share of “Valentine’s” over the years, but I will say that I think the entire holiday in of itself is absolutely ridiculous.

Dear Significant Other,

It’s not enough that you listen to me bitch and complain 364 days a year. It also isn’t enough that you treat me for dinner and lather me with gifts, you need to allocate an entire day/ or weekend if you’re an overachiever to prove to me JUST how much you love me with chocolates, gifts, back massages, and trips.

… COME ON PEOPLE! HALLMARK, you should feel bad about your actions.

Today in the New York Times Food Section they talked about “what really get’s you and your partner in the mood”. Clearly, (me being the single girl who not only not does have a Valentine this year, but lives alone and will be watching a Nicholas Sparks movie with popcorn in hand on Sunday) was intrigued by the article for unknown reasons. They talked about foods that arouse, foods that while eaten together with your partner get you in the mood, and scents together that do it for many.

Here are my responses:

1) Even if garlic was a 100% sure fire way to arouse my “significant other” wouldn’t it 100% turn you OFF if you had someone lying next to you in your bed reeking of garlic? NO THANK YOU.

2) In the article they mention women are aroused by the smells of BABY POWDER AND GOOD AND PLENTYS TOGETHER — is this serious or a joke? I mean… I gag at the taste and smell of Black Licorice and I can guarantee you that the smell of baby powder reminds me of the small amount of horror babysitting experiences which undoubtedly resulted in my lack of interest in EVER having kids. With that in mind, please do not mix those scents for me and put it in a bottle — I will actually put my clothing BACK ON thanks.

3) Lastly, they say fruit and vegetables that look like male parts are supposed to be a turn on. Maybe it’s justttt me but you bringing a cucumber to the table, without cutting it up, will make me think you have no ability to prepare me food. In addition, cucumbers are the least exciting, least sexual vegetable you could serve. Unless you drench it in chocolate — come to think of it, that would be nasty. PASS.

In conclusion, I will be eating take out (not sexy) in my apartment with no one judging me. I will follow my “romantic meal” with a nice sob fest, aka, A Walk To Remember .. the only movie in 21 years I have sobbed in. I won’t need to dress up, eat cucumbers, gag at the smell of licorice, or sleep next to someone who stinks of garlic — and for that? I am pretty damn happy.

Celebrity Tweeting – The Good and The Bad

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I have gone back and forth with this… weighing out the pro’s and con’s to this argument. While I see an argument for both sides I can’t help but think of how many celebrities really should be forbidden from the social networking site all together. Here is a compilation of some of the good and some of the bad Twitter Celebrity Accounts in my opinion:

Some A+ Examples

ASHTON KUTCHER — Okay, so sometimes him and “Mrs. Kutcher’s” lovey dovey Tweets get too me a little gagtastic, but overall, he is a great example of how be a celebrity and Tweet appropriately. He really did revolutionize Twitter and changed underprivileged countries overall quality of life by way of Twitter so for that? I give him an A in my book.

RUTH REICHL — I love reading her Tweets — I can literally envision everything she tweets about — whether it be the aromas on the Mushroom Risotto she is whipping up or the chilly view from her window. I love to read them because they’re never inappropriate, always simple and sweet, and lastly … they are all related to her profession, FOOD.

CHELSEA HANDLER — She posts funny, socially relevant tweets that add a little laugh into my day. I like her because for the most part her tweets are risky but not over the top, and that as I’m sure you’re aware is a tough feat.


AMANDA BYNES — Oh my god. I will say honestly that I expect most celebrities to be dumb or at least a bit slow but Bynes’ stupidity shocked me. I figured yes, you’re on Nickelodeon but you can’t really be as stupid/ ditzy as the character’s you play on television — and god was I wrong. She IS as dumb — I’m sorry but please, whoever you publicist is, have them fired immediately for allowing you to freely tweet your “thoughts” if you can even call them that. Oy.

JOHN MAYER — Everyone who reads my blog knows about my intense dislike for John. I think he looks like he’s constipated constantly when he sings I also think he is the biggest “kiss and teller” in Hollywood. I think people that have to constantly brag about their sex life probably sucks in bed — JUST sayin’ John…

SNOOKI…. PAULY D…. THE SITUATION, REALLY ANY JERSEY SHORE CAST MEMBER — Okay, yes, I did find entertainment in watching your show, but that is the extent of it. I want NOTHING to do with your tweets. I realize you are uber excited, all of you, with your 13 minutes of fame but please learn WHEN do capitalize letters and when not to —  tweets like this one for example: “LOOSssss ANNGGEeelllleEESSss 2Night w Da gUIDEettes” — gets old extremely fast….