Celebrity Tweeting – The Good and The Bad

In Uncategorized on February 9, 2010 at 6:00 pm

I have gone back and forth with this… weighing out the pro’s and con’s to this argument. While I see an argument for both sides I can’t help but think of how many celebrities really should be forbidden from the social networking site all together. Here is a compilation of some of the good and some of the bad Twitter Celebrity Accounts in my opinion:

Some A+ Examples

ASHTON KUTCHER — Okay, so sometimes him and “Mrs. Kutcher’s” lovey dovey Tweets get too me a little gagtastic, but overall, he is a great example of how be a celebrity and Tweet appropriately. He really did revolutionize Twitter and changed underprivileged countries overall quality of life by way of Twitter so for that? I give him an A in my book.

RUTH REICHL — I love reading her Tweets — I can literally envision everything she tweets about — whether it be the aromas on the Mushroom Risotto she is whipping up or the chilly view from her window. I love to read them because they’re never inappropriate, always simple and sweet, and lastly … they are all related to her profession, FOOD.

CHELSEA HANDLER — She posts funny, socially relevant tweets that add a little laugh into my day. I like her because for the most part her tweets are risky but not over the top, and that as I’m sure you’re aware is a tough feat.


AMANDA BYNES — Oh my god. I will say honestly that I expect most celebrities to be dumb or at least a bit slow but Bynes’ stupidity shocked me. I figured yes, you’re on Nickelodeon but you can’t really be as stupid/ ditzy as the character’s you play on television — and god was I wrong. She IS as dumb — I’m sorry but please, whoever you publicist is, have them fired immediately for allowing you to freely tweet your “thoughts” if you can even call them that. Oy.

JOHN MAYER — Everyone who reads my blog knows about my intense dislike for John. I think he looks like he’s constipated constantly when he sings I also think he is the biggest “kiss and teller” in Hollywood. I think people that have to constantly brag about their sex life probably sucks in bed — JUST sayin’ John…

SNOOKI…. PAULY D…. THE SITUATION, REALLY ANY JERSEY SHORE CAST MEMBER — Okay, yes, I did find entertainment in watching your show, but that is the extent of it. I want NOTHING to do with your tweets. I realize you are uber excited, all of you, with your 13 minutes of fame but please learn WHEN do capitalize letters and when not to —  tweets like this one for example: “LOOSssss ANNGGEeelllleEESSss 2Night w Da gUIDEettes” — gets old extremely fast….


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