My Extreme Love and Hate for John Mayer (Part Deux)

In Uncategorized on February 15, 2010 at 7:23 pm

I cannot emphasize just how much I despise John Mayer in many forms of his existence. But here is the catch — I have loved all albums he has put out since I was in 7th grade… I am now graduating from college. That’s saying something. There have been PLENTY of musicians that have come and go on my IPod and in my heart but John’s lyrics and songs capture me. I feel I can relate to so many of his lyrics. But this is where the conflict arises in my head…

How is a musician who produces such lyrical and meaningful songs SUCH a womanizing, trash talking, psychological liar in real life? It makes no sense to me. Do I stop buying his music because he kisses and tells? Or do I continue to endorse him in his musical endeavors, while trying my best to forget about his personal existence? That’s where the conflict lies in my eyes.

1) I don’t like his inability to shut his mouth in the Social Networking Universe — it is NOT necessary you Twitter about your bowel movements, masturbation, and how great of a lay you are

2) Find a great psychologist and sex therapist, and book yourself some appointments — after the recent stunts in Playboy Magazine, I wouldn’t be surprised if others gave you the same goddamn advice, you not only used the “n” word in a derogatory manner, but you also once again exploited Jessica Simpson and your situation between the sheets — grow up and get help

3) You have officially taken over the title of the “Biggest Womanizer in the Music Industry” — congrats John, really. I’m sure you’re extremely proud of yourself. Here’s the thing — If I were a celebrity female, and you tried approaching me I would VEER clear. Once a womanizer, always a womanizer in my eyes. These girls don’t seem to mind, but I certainly would.

So there’s my advice for the “oh so lovely” Mayer. The thing is, I will still continue to support him in his musical profession, I presume I just won’t be taking his Blackberry Pin if I ever happen to run into him at a bar ANY TIME in the near future. My final comment will be as follows: He needs a tune up.

  1. so false get over yourself….you know youd flirt with him excessively

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