Free Lil Wayne

In Uncategorized on February 19, 2010 at 4:54 pm

He confuses me. He intrigues me. He also excites me. He is the one and only Lil Wayne. While I cannot condone freeing him from prison, (weapon charges? really?) I will list off the reasons why I do admire and respect Lil Wayne the rapper, the entrepreneur, and the tattoo connoisseur.

1) Who else is still as confident as he is after having to go through 8 root canals in one day as a result of decaying under his grill? COME ON, any other celebrity would hide that information as much as possible but Wayne “don’t hate it” — I get it’s really cool to have the whole metal mouth look working but realize Wayne you need to take care of what’s UNDERNEATH as well

2) His tattoos take all day to look at and admire, and I love it. Is your next question, do I have any tattoos of my own? The answer is absolutely not, but I will say I do admire some good artwork every now and again. The sheer amount of ink on his body mesmerizes me — will he die randomly of ink poisoning? Who knows.

3) He has a 2010 version of the Napoleon Complex — the child is what? 4’10? Yet when you speak with him his confidence increases his height by a foot, at least — he is cocky and holds nothing back. With four or five kids already, he clearly has no problem finding women — good for him right?

4) He loves the pot and the “drank” — which in Wayne world is cough syrup. His hourly/ daily intake of pot is also dumbfounding. He smokes all day and all night — and he is happy to go to jail for short durations for possession of drugs. I like in the new Rolling Stone article he says he hasn’t “f’ed” with the cough syrup in a while — can’t ya think of something a bitttt more hardcore than Robitussin Wayne?

  1. I miss u blood u idol in ma life u da 1 who keep me goin every day u been like a father 2 me since u came out wit da cater and im jus sayin u appreciated ma nigga aka da best rapper alive since da best rapper retired

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