Tiger Versus Toyota – The Lightening Round

In Uncategorized on February 20, 2010 at 9:46 pm

I love love love media blitzes and scandals involving major celebrities and major corporations. I am currently in a grad level communication course called, “Crisis Communication”. How fitting of a time to take this course when we have the largest auto-manufacture recall in decades unraveling day by day?

Right now, as you could imagine, I am in my glory a celebrity scandal AND a huge crisis communication case…. TIGER VERSUS TOYOTA.

ROUND ONE: Accountability

TIGER: He is 100% responsible for his current situation. He cheated not once, not twice, hey not even TEN times while married with children. He is now saying he takes “full accountability” so I will give him a +1 on this one… He also doggedly explains that he felt he was ‘above the law’ and invincible. He wins this round for taking full responsibility and being honest +1

TOYOTA: Toyota, while beginning more recalls and public appearances has yet to take full responsibility. In addition, it took begging and pleading by high level executives to have Toyoda decide to come and speak before a court in the United States. Until they pull “a Tiger” and take responsibility for the damages they’ve so far inflicted, they lose this round.

ROUND TWO: The Next Steps

TIGER: He is not rushing back into golf — that’s good for him bad for his sponsors, fans, and endorsers. I think at this point in time it would be foolish to try and “let his golf do the talking”. He realized he needs to keep out of the limelight for the time being and stay in his therapy. I would say other than the mechanical speech he gave yesterday, his points about his “next steps” answered all lingering questions the media and his targeted publics had. +1

TOYOTA: They are crafting ways to fix the accelerator problem however as of now it is not a concrete solution. Yesterday when asked about the new system, Toyoda responds, “This should work”. Right. NEXT. In addition, more and more cars are now being recalled and brought into question such as the Prius, Lexus, and Corolla- until they figure out what THE HELL IS GOING ON they will not win a fight against Tiger, sorry.



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