Pizza for Breakfast? Not So Revolutionary.

In Uncategorized on March 24, 2010 at 2:52 am

Ok, so here’s how I see the foodie world — as soon as one person blogs with a “revolutionary food concept” it spreads like wildfire and others shortly thereafter claim they started the trend. Let’s take, for instance, the infamous ‘WATERMELON WITH MINT, RADISHES, AND FETA CHEESE’ craze last Spring which originated to the best of my knowledge on Top Chef. That has now become a staple on most menus — get over it guys, it’s mushy watery watermelon paired with tangy, bitter feta cheese of course the pairing tastes good to the palate — let’s be a bit more creative shall we?

Another major “craze” that’s been brewing throughout the food world is the concept of “Pizza for Breakfast” insert ooh’s and ahh’s here if you’d like. This is the thing — when I heard about this concept way back in the fall, I was a little perplexed, yet, after three MILLISECONDS it made sense why people/chefs would concoct a breakfast pizza.

(Thank you, Kitchn blog for making me hungry at all hours of the day)

Let’s break down the major components of pizza: cheese of various sorts, tomatoes whether it be stewed or fresh, and bread — well, let’s think of what normal Americans make for breakfast. Slices of toast (cough, same white bread used in crust of pizza), cheese in omelets, and tomatoes can either be accompanied on the side of your eggs in a sliced manner or sauteed and placed into your omelets. So…. if you really break it down, you’re eating dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner very often, however, it is unknowingly. AHOY!

The combinations for your own breakfast pizzas are endless think about it — if you like bacon, pancetta, and spinach that’s one pizza in of itself. Kitchn blog makes their own pizza’s with soft ricotta cheese, fresh herbs, white pizza sauce, eggs, salt and pepper — not too difficult in my opinion. If you like all veggies, for example, make yourself a sauteed veggie breakfast pizza with a tomato base (sauteed zucchini, green and red bell peppers, and mushrooms perhaps)?


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