Craft Restaurant

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I have loved Craft, the original that is, for many many years now. I began going to Craft when my family and I would take weekend trips growing up to the city for some good food, hair cuts, and Broadway shows. Over the years, my passion for food has increased immensely, so has my devotion to Tom Colicchio.

What Craft does better than most restaurants in New York City is take extremely simplistic foods and makes them taste perfect as is. For example, I grew up on Colicchio’s Infamous English Peas — he took something as simple as peas and made them irresistible, we would flock to NY just for those peas.

For an appetizer this time around I had the Beets & Tarragon– the beets came prepared on a plate with nothing other than leaves of tarragon tossed in a light beet vinaigrette. I couldn’t even share them with my friend, the yellow and red beets were absolutely wonderful.

For dinner I had the Roast Chicken and the Oyster Mushrooms. Again I say that nothing was left on my plate after this dish as well, the mushrooms were a little sauteed with some sea salt and the chicken was extremely moist & tender.

For dessert I needed something a little light so I ordered the seasonal fruit with whipped cream — the fruits of choice were prunes, grapefruit, and pineapple. The only downfall of the evening — I think Tom could have come up with some better “seasonal fruits”- it is what it is.

The amuse buche was to die for — it was a Jerusalem Artichoke soup with truffle oil. If you can ask for that when you attend, do so immediately.

Warning: Extremely pricey restaurant, more like an occasional/ once a year restaurant but extremely memorable dinner, trust me.

Craft Restaurant, 43 E. 19th street, New York, NY


  1. Have you had the short ribs? I would absolutely consider the short ribs at Craft to be the best meal I’ve ever eaten in my life. Strong statement, I know, but seriously order them next time!

  2. I haven’t tried the short ribs — but I could definitely next time I go

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