Lessons Learned As A Blonde

In Uncategorized on April 9, 2010 at 7:50 pm

There were a few things I was adamantly against growing up

  1. The color pink
  2. Hugging
  3. Romantic movies
  4. Blondes

Looking back on it, I still strongly dislike hugging and romantic movies, but I will say, I have grown to like the color pink (not the tacky one that’s featured on Playboy paraphernalia) but more like a light, classy pink. I have also become a BLONDE MYSELF — who woulda thunken.

My gradual transition into a blonde:

(I’m of age to drink, I promise)


1. Assume it’s okay to Jaywalk, even when cars have a green light and are moving fast in your direction — don’t worry, they will stop for you

2. Realize you will be asked where “Your Boyfriend” or “Hubby” is on frequent occasion

3. You must work harder to prove to others (and perhaps yourself at times) you are in fact not a dumb blonde and that hair color truly is of no relevance to your intelligence

4. Doors will be opened for you, no questions asked — you can also craft up your own meals at restaurants if you choose to be “that girl”

  1. good to know. become a blonde asap.

  2. Completely agree with you! I was brunette for one year exactly, and I actually noticed that people treated me differently. Doors will be opened for you, and free coffee will be given frequently 😉 Happy to be a blonde!

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