What I’m Currently Watching

In Uncategorized on April 14, 2010 at 8:18 pm

I don’t know much about writing television critiques so I rarely post them. I mean, yes, I do occasionally HAVE to chime in with my two cents about crucial issues such as Nip/Tuck’s downward spiral of a season finale, or True Blood but in GENERAL I don’t delve into the TV realm with you guys. I do, however, love television — not as much of a movie fan (I have my favorites and tend to re watch my favorites until they physically fall apart). TV shows are different– I don’t like to re watch episodes but I do have shows I will make a hard ass effort to watch weekly, if new, and reruns if discontinued.


LOVE Glee — love the musical, Broadway, High School Musical feel to it but at the same time I love how there’s an actual intriguing plot that keeps you interested for more than just the music. I hope Puck stays in the spotlight again this season, he’s the best there is. A bitttt slow, but hey, he’s not all too bad to look at. Agree with me ladies?


I could say I didn’t THOROUGHLY enjoy this show? But I’d be lying. I click to Family Guy whenever it is on television — it’s such a sharp show. Stewie is my favorite character by far.


Insert jokes and chuckles here, I know I know. Why in the world am I such a big King of The Hill fan you ask? I couldn’t really answer that question. But I will say, I love Bobby Hill — sure he may be a questionable homosexual who hasn’t discovered it yet, but he is SO great and comfortable in his own skin — best character.


I think the better more reasonable question is when in fact am I NOT watching Degrassi? The show is so addicting — and childish — and I feel uncomfortable watching it because I am too old but it’s ok because I live alone. I don’t have anyone to judge — and with that in mind, I will continue to watch. For those of you closet Degrassi fans, HOW EXCITED ARE YOU FOR FRIDAY NIGHT?!?


I don’t think Bobby Flay by ANY means has the best personality on the Food Network — he is rather dull actually, but his show is clogging up most FN space and so I have been forced to watch a bit more of it than I’d like. What I have realized, however, is that the show is extremely comical. It’s a cocky chef seeing if anyone has what it takes to stack up to him. AS IF he could triumph over hefty southern black ladies who made corn bread from 6am-11pm? THAT’S FUNNY.


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