Lessons Learned In LA

In Uncategorized on April 20, 2010 at 3:28 pm

I am a very finicky person — I tend to seek out flaws in people much quicker than I seek out their good attributes. This same mentality applies when I vacation and visit destination spots. I travel more than most people my age, to say the least — I am a pro at sitting on my luggage bag to get it closed, what sizes of liquids fly and which don’t, and how many days it takes me to adjust to my new surroundings (yes, I have OCD).

I went to Los Angeles with a different purpose than my last trip in 2002 — Instead of frequenting boutiques on Rodeo Drive and being sprayed with Evian at The Four Seasons,  I had an underlying purpose for this trip — to pretty much sort my life out.

I am mid way through the amazing book entitled, “The Happiness Project” and in it the author made one very relevant point — you need to make your own happiness, no one else can do that for you. With that in mind, I need to make the decision what is going to make me the happiest because, in the end, that will in fact make me most successful in my career goals.

Before having begun reading the book clearly, I went to LA this time around with the mentality — find every flaw with the people, city, atmosphere, food, and school.  To my dismay, however, I came to discover that there was not much for me to criticize. Here are the few things I left Los Angeles knowing about the city itself:

1. Women in NYC and Miami are FAR more invested in their animals than woman in LA — women here love to bring their children to extremely pricey boutiques as opposed to putting a mini poodle in their purse instead

2. Food is NOT the utmost importance to people in LA — in fact, I may even have to go as far as to say food is not on the top 3 list for people living here — I think driving, the environment, and strip malls triumph over good meals

3. Cars are extremely necessary and integrated into everyone’s daily life here — the constant babbling about traffic and an overabundance of cars in the city itself couldn’t be more spot on. There is traffic, because there are too many cars — and there are too many cars because there is no way to get anywhere otherwise — what a bad cyclical pattern they have working

4. Beaches — gorgeous, expansive, clean beaches, are left empty for those beach lovers from other parts of the country to use and indulge in

5. Bicycles are a way of life for most people at universities in Los Angeles — there is no such thing as walking to class, you ride a bike or you skate board. I don’t know how well I’d do in a flowy summer dress and Rainbows on a skateboard, so if I move to LA I would opt for the bike fad

6. Many parts of the city that used to be dilapidated are now the hot spots and the hot spots from long ago are now dilapidated

7. Celebrities, are in fact, real live people with unpainted toes and unkempt hair. After having sat next to one of the top supermodels in the world while her and her daughter shared an ice cream cone, to seeing a huge reality star chuck her Rainbow flip flops into plastic bins in LAX — celebrities are not few and far between, they are swarming the city

  1. Finally someone who knows! Can I bring my 50ml liquid tube foundation with me or should it stay at home? It says no more than 3oz. When I did the conversion from ml to oz, it is not 3oz yet but I don’t want to risk it so that’s why I’m asking around. Some said I can have it in my luggage and others said it has to be placed in a plastic bag and presented to them. I’m so confused. Thank you!

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