Girl Scout Cookies — You Never Cease To Amaze Me

In Uncategorized on April 26, 2010 at 8:37 pm

Last night at dinner with my dear friend Pat, the topic of Girl Scout Cookies came up. Having literally stopped traffic to get three boxes of cookies on Saturday, I clearly was enthusiastic about the beloved cookies. You can’t buy them online — you also can’t buy them at the local grocery store year round. You have to find them randomly — which makes these treats which come and go highly sought after.

THIN MINTS: The most popular cookie sold by Girl Scouters — I mean, I personally enjoy these frozen. A girlfriend suggested to try them crushed in Vanilla Frozen Yogurt as well — I haven’t tried it yet but I will be as soon as a take a big ol’ Lactaid pill.

DO-SI-DOS: I love salty and sweet foods. Love love love sweet & salty. These cookies combine both flawlessly. I love the hint of salt and the utterly smooth and creamy peanut butter nestled in the middle of two cookies.

TAGALONGS: Classic favorite of mine — chocolate coating, plain vanilla cookie, and peanut butter. It adds a bit more texture and complexity than the Do-Si-Dos.You have the airy first layer then the crunch on the bottom, perfection.

SAMOAS: Vanilla cookie, caramel, chocolate, and coconut — how can you NOT love these cookies? I love these chewy insanely flavorful cookies.


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