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Boston — Here Are The Reasons You’ll Be Missed

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1. Museums Galore — MFA and ICA in particular– Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is another amazing museum within the city. For my Art History concentration, I had to take many trips to the MFA and the ICA- after having completed the concentration, I find myself there for my own pleasure. They are unbelievable museums with breathtaking collections of art.

2) Red Sox Hysteria — Love/ Hate Relationship– Here’s the thing, I have lived next to Fenway for three years now. I love being so close to SUCH A HUGE Boston landmark but at times the hyper crazed fans are too much for me to handle. I do thoroughly enjoy the Sox Paraphernalia though, I will say that much.

3) My Favorite Boston Restaurants — Davio’s, Avila, Sunset Bar and Grille, and Hammersley’s Bistro — I love restaurants that are favorites within a city and no where else. While Davio’s also has a chain in Philadelphia it’s not the same. I love these Boston favorites for all different/great cuisine. I love Sunset for the cheap solid Mexican, Davio’s for the traditional Italian dinner, and Hammersley for unreal French American fare.

4) Newbury Street Shopping– What attracts me to Newbury is the eclectic mix of both well known chain restaurants and clothing boutiques as well as locally based shops. I enjoy some particular stores and restaurants in particular: Lucky Brand, Bouchee, Scoozi, H&M, and Second Time Around

5) North End (Waterfront and Italian Restaurants) — I spent a lot of time the past year working for Regan Communications based out of the North End. I love certain things specifically about this area of town: The wonderful array of Italian Restaurants, the amazing views on the Seaport and harbor, and Fanueil Hall.

Top 5 Reasons I’m Still Hooked On Glee

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Is it me or is this season even better than the last? The musical numbers and song choices are incredible, I am honestly in love with mostly every song featured on the show. Here are the reasons this season is awesome:

1. Jesse — HELLO Jesse is so attractive, a bit shady and has wonderful hair. I would like to be swept off my feet and be twirled in the air by Jesse any day. I don’t think Rachel really likes him but is too afraid Finn will screw her over again so she’s playing the game. I don’t know if I believe Jesse has good intentions but we will see.

2) Mr. Scheuster and Miss. Pillsbury’s Messed Up Dysfunctional Relationship — She’s a prude with OCD, he’s a “slut” recovering from a harsh marital fall- out. I dig it, big time. I think she will eventually fall back in love with him — and why shouldn’t she? All men like a little action every now and then.

3) Kurt coming into his own — I truthfully think Kurt’s character is on its way of becoming one of the most emotionally complex and interesting on the show. Not only is he gay and dealing with the difficulties of his father’s disappointment, but in addition a more “athletic” son in law to be (Fin) adds only more frustration into Kurt’s life.

4) Finn– Need I say more? He is still trying to figure what he wants from Rachel which makes him a compelling (somewhat ditzy) character within the bunch. He wants to be with Rachel at times for she sees the real Finn but at the same time he’s afraid he will get hurt again like he did with Quinn when she was impregnated by Puck.

5) Rachel being the center of male attention and less the center of the vocal — Rachel most definitely is the strongest character on the show — she annoys me in many regards but her singing and acting are incomparable with any of the other characters on the show. I truthfully feel like if Lea Michele were not cast for the role on the show it would have flopped within one season. I love the love triangle forming/ continuing to fester between her, Jesse, and Finn. I wonder who she will decide in the end to be with.

Every Last One — Book Review

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Have you ever read a book that just can’t leave your mind? A book that forces you to sit where you are until you’re finished every last page? That was Every Last One for me.

I’ve become such an avid reader due in large part to the purchase of my Kindle last year. The electronic reader does not ALLOW me to forget about reading the daily Times and Journal. In addition, I love purchasing book after book during summer months. This book in particular, struck me as unbelievable in many regards. While I’ve estimated I read about a book a week, this has to be in my top 3 books of all time.

Mary Beth, the main character and narrator of the tale, brings you on an unbelievable and horrifying roller coaster of her own life’s journey. The woman who once had sex to ” fulfill her spousal duties”, said I love you without really meaning it, and lived through her own children’s successes, realizes that nothing is life is what is seems and sometimes things happen that shake you to your core.

Her children Max and Alex (twins) and older daughter Ruby all bring such dimension to the story. Max is the rebellious genius who suffers from severe depression and angst. Alex is the super star sports player who seems flawless in the eyes of Max. Ruby is the spotlight of attention within the household — her bubbly, eccentric personality results in each and every character within the story wanting to gravitate towards her. One person in particular had such an adoration, attraction, and ultimate obsession with Ruby — Kieran, her ex boyfriend and long time best friend.

Midway through the novel, the once seemingly perfect lives of Glen and Mary Beth and their children Max, Alex, and Ruby, shatter into a million little pieces. Pieces that are unable to be glued back together and will effect each one of their lives forever from that point on.

This story is unnerving, compelling, and unable to ever be forgotten about. Read this book as soon as possible, I beg of you.

My Favorite Breakfast– Everything But The Kitchen Sink

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Parmesan CheeseFeta Cheese

American Cheese


Spinach (Sauteed or Steamed)

Mushrooms of your choice

Smoked Salmon (Lox)

  1. Sauté the veggies of choice in an additional saute pan
  2. Once cooked to your liking, incorporate them into the already scrambled eggs in the other pan
  3. Add in your cheeses — however many you desire and scramble all ingredients together. Add the amount of salt and pepper (and dill if you’re adventurous)
  4. Serve with wheat toast or an English Muffin.

Del Posto, NYC

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I think sometimes the urge to be “trendy” and “sceney” overwhelms us all. We want to being able to say when in the midst of girl gossiping you’ve already “been there and done that”. My rationale for trying Del Posto was somewhat similar. The restaurant has had a decent amount of buzz and in addition it is nearly impossible to get into. I was only able to snag a reservation because I went after rounds of interviews at 6:30 (aka broad daylight).

My mother and I both got the Lobster Salad as an appetizer. For entrees we had–  Cacciucco with Scallop Carpaccio and Garlic Bread Soup, the famous Garganelli Verdi al Ragu Bolognese, and Gnocchi. All of the dishes were exquisite — I probably should have chosen a pasta dish, but hey, it happens. The amuse bouche were fabulous — they brought our an array of starters some of which included Fried Risotto balls and Stratchiatella soup. To finish off the meal we split the Warm Chesnut Cake with Plum Macedonia and Yogurt Gelato which was amazing.

If nothing more I loved the atmosphere, the delicious food, and a chance to eye down Jimmy Fallon for 2 hours and for that? I’d be glad to re-visit Del Posto whenever possible.

I’ll Take A Cappuccino With A Side of Cougar

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I will preface this post as follows — I tend to veer clear of dating people younger than me. Why you may ask? Well, I don’t think that men my own age are mature enough. To be honest, I think the men I attract myself to for the MOST part have the maturity levels of 4th graders. With that in mind, I don’t usually delve into dating the younger gentleman I know. What I have seen more and more, however, is the frequency of older women dating younger men. In Hollywood, it’s become the new “black dress” come to think of it.


At first I was skeptical, very skeptical. He was a young, somewhat aloof character on That 70’s Show as well as the host of Punk’d. She was a long standing Hollywood icon who has children close to Ashton’s age. I just was not sure if it would end well — who woulda thunken that they would be the most adoring/loving couple in Hollywood? It’s a shame both aren’t drop dead gorgeous to make it a completely picture perfect situation. HA.


I’m still very much on the fence with this one — every time they walk the Red Carpet together there is such a clear sense of jealousy and inferiority on the part of Nick that I don’t know if this cougar relationship will be everlasting. She is a music mogul who has sculpted quite an enterprise  with her music, “MOVIES” in BIG ASS PARENTHESES, and beauty products. Nick, on the other hand, is the “faux spokesperson” for Teen Nick — while I love Degrassi? He needs to step his game up.


This relationship has recently fizzled, which I mean, isn’t too heart breaking to anyone. They weren’t a Jen/Brad or anything like that but they were for sure eye soaringly attractive — yes, I made up that word… start incorporating it into your daily jargon if you so desire. Their daughter is quite frankly the cutest child in Hollywood — I figured the Jolie Pitt tribe would have produced as least one STUNNING child but I was very wrong. Instead, all of them sport manly clothing (those that are girls), long strangly hair, and unibrows. I’ll pass and give the award to Halle and Aubrey instead — if nothing more, they produced quite the striking child.


Here’s the thing — Madonna is the closest thing to most American’s as a God Like figure so I won’t bash her or her sexual partners, but come on. This relationship reminds me very much of the Desperate Housewives scenario between Eva Longoria and the pool boy (who has since his brief stint on the show become bloated, broke, and alone in life mind you). I think the concept is hot, but leave it to your fantasies while STILL ASLEEP Madonna.

What Happened To Quality Movies?

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I’m confused — last night during the coming attractions for the new Friday The Thirteenth, there was an array of “Summer Blockbusters” soon to be released.

When I say  I was in awe… literal awe, at just how stupid and unconvincing the new movies (if you can even call them that) look for this upcoming summer. I’d prefer to spend the $12.00 admission costs, $5.00 for a small Diet Coke, and $4.00 for a box of Milk Duds and get myself wasted a bar close by instead.

Movies are not inexpensive, actually come to think about it, they are a rather pricey outing for most people in college scrounging to “get by”. So when kids have the time off and a few extra bucks, unless a movie is STELLAR and memorable for years to come like… Avatar, Shutter Island, Precious, The Blind Side and Hurt Locker to name a few? People shouldn’t even bother.

Some of the new movies for the summer that we previewed included:

  • Piranaha 3D– no I am not kidding. In a nutshell, very easy nutshell, the movie is a horrendous rendition of JAWS but …. with drunk Spring Breakers and Piranhas on the lose? I thought at first it was a comedy trailer and that the intro was a spoof, unfortunately, I was wrong.

  • Splice– here’s my issue… I don’t like the concept it actually unnerves me big time. Adrian Brody and some no name chick create this being my splicing genomes — and she turns into this…. half woman/ half lizard/ half alien looking thing who kills people. WHAT HAS CINEMA COME TO?!?

  • Dinner For Schmucks– Dear Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd, break OUT of the comedic/ awkwardly funny roles you have been playing for 5-7 years now, I am over it. REALLY. Enough with celebrities/ actors playing the e.x.a.c.t. same part in each film they take on – –why don’t I just watch repeats of Anchorman on Pay Per View instead?