What Happened To Quality Movies?

In Uncategorized on May 4, 2010 at 7:38 pm

I’m confused — last night during the coming attractions for the new Friday The Thirteenth, there was an array of “Summer Blockbusters” soon to be released.

When I say  I was in awe… literal awe, at just how stupid and unconvincing the new movies (if you can even call them that) look for this upcoming summer. I’d prefer to spend the $12.00 admission costs, $5.00 for a small Diet Coke, and $4.00 for a box of Milk Duds and get myself wasted a bar close by instead.

Movies are not inexpensive, actually come to think about it, they are a rather pricey outing for most people in college scrounging to “get by”. So when kids have the time off and a few extra bucks, unless a movie is STELLAR and memorable for years to come like… Avatar, Shutter Island, Precious, The Blind Side and Hurt Locker to name a few? People shouldn’t even bother.

Some of the new movies for the summer that we previewed included:

  • Piranaha 3D– no I am not kidding. In a nutshell, very easy nutshell, the movie is a horrendous rendition of JAWS but …. with drunk Spring Breakers and Piranhas on the lose? I thought at first it was a comedy trailer and that the intro was a spoof, unfortunately, I was wrong.

  • Splice– here’s my issue… I don’t like the concept it actually unnerves me big time. Adrian Brody and some no name chick create this being my splicing genomes — and she turns into this…. half woman/ half lizard/ half alien looking thing who kills people. WHAT HAS CINEMA COME TO?!?

  • Dinner For Schmucks– Dear Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd, break OUT of the comedic/ awkwardly funny roles you have been playing for 5-7 years now, I am over it. REALLY. Enough with celebrities/ actors playing the e.x.a.c.t. same part in each film they take on – –why don’t I just watch repeats of Anchorman on Pay Per View instead?

  1. I personally could have done without spending my money on Avatar. That said, my personal problem with Splice is the fact that the movie looks to be a rehash of Species.

    • Splice just looks so creepy to me in general — I think it will either be really scary or really lame

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