Del Posto, NYC

In Uncategorized on May 8, 2010 at 4:45 pm

I think sometimes the urge to be “trendy” and “sceney” overwhelms us all. We want to being able to say when in the midst of girl gossiping you’ve already “been there and done that”. My rationale for trying Del Posto was somewhat similar. The restaurant has had a decent amount of buzz and in addition it is nearly impossible to get into. I was only able to snag a reservation because I went after rounds of interviews at 6:30 (aka broad daylight).

My mother and I both got the Lobster Salad as an appetizer. For entrees we had–  Cacciucco with Scallop Carpaccio and Garlic Bread Soup, the famous Garganelli Verdi al Ragu Bolognese, and Gnocchi. All of the dishes were exquisite — I probably should have chosen a pasta dish, but hey, it happens. The amuse bouche were fabulous — they brought our an array of starters some of which included Fried Risotto balls and Stratchiatella soup. To finish off the meal we split the Warm Chesnut Cake with Plum Macedonia and Yogurt Gelato which was amazing.

If nothing more I loved the atmosphere, the delicious food, and a chance to eye down Jimmy Fallon for 2 hours and for that? I’d be glad to re-visit Del Posto whenever possible.


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