Every Last One — Book Review

In Uncategorized on May 11, 2010 at 3:33 pm

Have you ever read a book that just can’t leave your mind? A book that forces you to sit where you are until you’re finished every last page? That was Every Last One for me.

I’ve become such an avid reader due in large part to the purchase of my Kindle last year. The electronic reader does not ALLOW me to forget about reading the daily Times and Journal. In addition, I love purchasing book after book during summer months. This book in particular, struck me as unbelievable in many regards. While I’ve estimated I read about a book a week, this has to be in my top 3 books of all time.

Mary Beth, the main character and narrator of the tale, brings you on an unbelievable and horrifying roller coaster of her own life’s journey. The woman who once had sex to ” fulfill her spousal duties”, said I love you without really meaning it, and lived through her own children’s successes, realizes that nothing is life is what is seems and sometimes things happen that shake you to your core.

Her children Max and Alex (twins) and older daughter Ruby all bring such dimension to the story. Max is the rebellious genius who suffers from severe depression and angst. Alex is the super star sports player who seems flawless in the eyes of Max. Ruby is the spotlight of attention within the household — her bubbly, eccentric personality results in each and every character within the story wanting to gravitate towards her. One person in particular had such an adoration, attraction, and ultimate obsession with Ruby — Kieran, her ex boyfriend and long time best friend.

Midway through the novel, the once seemingly perfect lives of Glen and Mary Beth and their children Max, Alex, and Ruby, shatter into a million little pieces. Pieces that are unable to be glued back together and will effect each one of their lives forever from that point on.

This story is unnerving, compelling, and unable to ever be forgotten about. Read this book as soon as possible, I beg of you.


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