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The Reasons Were All Hooked On 24/7 Pharmacies

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My addiction to CVS and Duane Reade is more intense then my need to eat and work out, which is saying something in of itself. For as LONG as I can remember, I have been an addict of the 24/7 Pharmacy — and now I’ve come to realize why it is me (and most other Americans) are hooked on these stores.

1) They are open 24/7 — for the sheer convenience factor, I will say they are appealing. I love knowing that if nothing more, I can stumble my way into any CVS or Duane Reade at 3am and find myself some thing worth eating back at my apartment or reading while checking out in line – 24/7 stores are deadly I tell ya

2) You literally purchase things daily that you absolutely do NOT need — for instance, I myself purchase hairbands and headbands on a bi weekly basis. Why you may ask? Because I simply can’t figure out where they all mysteriously went. So instead of spending the time to look intensely for the items, I merely make it a point to go to the crack shop and purchase some more

3) Many of these pharmacies now make more luxurious looking/ less expensive versions of virtually every thing we like, making it IMPOSSIBLE for us not to purchase. For example, Duane Reade now creates a luxury line of products including delicious foods including, Mac and Cheese and Sparkling Beverages in illuminating glass bottles. WHO CAN RESIST THEM?

Child Stars — The Good and The Bad

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DREW BARRYMORE — Yes she has a lisp and yes she has horrendous taste in men, but she has been able to secure herself within the movie industry as a household name. Sure her movies have been 90% forgettable but it’s somewhat irrelevant – she was able to successfully bounce back from her 13 year old drug habit so for that she’ll be included in the limited few who have made it through the Child Actor threshold. Kudos to you Drew, Kudos.

MARY KATE AND ASHLEY OLSEN — Again I say, these girl could be on the fence but their high level of entrepreneurship and motivation to become successful empires in of themselves makes me include them into my successful child actor category. They are both odd little munchkins who dress themselves more like people on the streets than 23 year old moguls, but hey, it’s their lives not mine. I would prefer to dress more like a rockstar than a bum on the street but to each is own I suppose. What I am glad about, however, is that their odd 10 pound/Starbucks holding/holed sweater phase is finally over.

MICHAEL JACKSON– Not only do I give Michael credit in this category for being THE most successful artist of our generation but also because of what he had to endure as a child star to get to where he ended up eventually — topping the music charts for decades. He was put through the most rigorous upbringing and training. He of course was left emotionally scared as an adult (if you can even consider him that at any point during his life) — he was able to become a super super star so I am classifying him as a troubled yet successful ex child star.


JODIE SWEETIN— Poor poor Jodie. She was the middle child on the hit show Full House which means she HAS to at some point go through some emotional distress. Did I think she’d become hooked on Meth? No… No I did not, but the fallout of being a super star child actor and then being shot back into normality must be a very tough transition to say the least. I’m glad she’s getting her life back on track, however, this is no way I could have NOT put her on the bad list.

HALEY JOEL OSMENT — I think in our heart of hearts we all thought he had the “potential” to make it through the barrier but it was questionable. Unfortunately, Haley just didn’t pull through in the clutch. After getting a few if I’m not mistaken DUI’s, I think he retired his acting hat for good. It’s probably for the better.

JONATHAN LIPNICKI — I think we all knew this would happen, he was just TOO CUTE as a child. It wouldn’t have been fair to humanity had he turned out to be an adorable adult too — just wouldn’t have been fair.

Perry Street Restaurant Review – Jean Georges

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There’s something to be said for dining late at night in New York City — having arrived half hour late for our 9:30 dinner at the hot spot Perry Street restaurant, I presumed our party would be the only remaining table come 11 o’ clock. Boy was I wrong — as we were headed out, people were practically being seated. Impressive Jean Georges, impressive.

A group of my best girl friends and I went to Perry Street — the best part of going out with that many women means many different dishes and many different opinions. I had the Beet and Goat Cheese salad with Champagne vinaigrette to start which was delicious, heavy on the goat cheese and rich in beet flavor. My entree was the sure fire winner, however, the dish was Cod with a Miso Glaze and Baby Bok Choy. It was absolutely delicious. My friends ordered the Sweet Chili Crab Dumplings with Cilantro, Pan Roasted Sea Bass with Portobello Fries (steer clear of these, they weren’t as tasty as they sound), and the Fried Chicken. All in all the dinner was successful — for a chic bustling dinner, definitely head to Perry Street.

The Rise and Fall of LiLo (More About The Fall…)

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The Parent Trap — True to Her True Natural Hue Lindsay

This was the point at which she got her lucky break. I think we all can agree that her “lucky break” was in fact the worst decision her mother ever made — allowing her to audition for a movie as a child. She is the prime example of what could go wrong with child actors DOES. Case in point as lawyers like to say.

The Hot, Real Big Boobed Lindsay

This was the short lived period during which Lindsay was in fact heterosexual, had real attractive breasts, and hadn’t destroyed her career yet. She was a sex kitten with the potential to become a stable household name in the “movie industry”. Funny that we once associated her with cinema.

The “I Don’t Know What You’re Talking About — I’m Not on Coke” Lindsay

This is personally my favorite Lindsay stage. She literally is drooling and incoherent in virtually every photograph taken during this period of her life. She is usually spotted in the back of a shady stranger’s SUV unconscious — what a quick fall LiLo.

The My Interest in Food and Men Have Gone Away Lindsay

Here’s the phase during which she began sleeping with women… well, that is if you consider Sam Ronson a full blown female which in my opinion is still up in the air. She also realized eating was “out of vogue” — she is photographed during this time with her skinny counterpart Nicole Richie, sporting shirts that stated “SKINNY BITCH”. Cute really.

The I’m Now Dried Up, Not Invited to Galas/Parties/Special Events Anymore, and Bloated Lindsay

This is my least favorite phase of Lindsay’s. She’s somewhat sad and pathetic — who am I kidding, she is extremely sad and pathetic. She is out partying like she used to 6 years ago, except this time around, she is “the party crasher” and the one who makes every event look tacky. Also, Lindsay, the ankle bracelet and bloated demeanor really isn’t at all flattering. Trust me.

Fig and Olive Restaurant Review — NYC

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Here’s what I love about Fig & Olive, located at 808 Lexington Avenue in New York City. I love the unpretentious, true to its heritage atmosphere. It’s not fussy nor does it even boast about its menu which in fact is wonderful. The restaurant works to stay true to their Mediterranean background by highlighting the array of Olive Oils available for purchase, which trust me, should be purchased after finishing the dinner.

We shared some of the Crostinis for our appetizers: Shrimp, Avocado, Cilantro, and Tomato/ Manchego, Fig Spread, Almond. For entrees I had the Branzino, glazed with Fig and Aged Balsamic Vinegar and snow peas. My mother had the Rotisserie Chicken in lemon and garlic with Haricots Verts and Mashed Potatoes. Tracey had the Chicken Paillard dish.

All in all a great meal, wonderful oils, and reasonably priced fare. If you are in one of the three neighborhoods the restaurant chain is located in, I definitely suggest you stop in for nothing more than a glass of vino and some good oil and bread.

2010- The Blast From The Past Year

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I have been on a hiatus for the past month — I do apologize for all who have enjoyed reading my rants on a daily basis. I promise to make more of an effort to remain consistent with my blogging from today on.

After having sat through what felt like an eternity last night — The Tony’s mostly bored me and summed up my thoughts that I should invest my 3 hours and hundreds of dollars later on shoes and a few good glasses of wine. There was nothing that I was DYING to see and to be quite honest the only part of the show I wanted to see was Glee stars Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison perform… which, when push came to shove, wasn’t nearly as mind blowing as their on screen performances.

The show got me thinking, however, about the extreme lack of innovative and fresh shows out there on Broadway at the moment. Every nomination was a remake of an old classic for the most part, even Fences, with Denzel.

Les Cage Aux Folles has been remade more times than Joan Rivers has had plastic surgery. Same with other “runners up” such as RAGTIME — like wait a minute guys. We are apparently the smartest nation in the country and were still showing RAGTIME??? What’s next month — Fiddler On The Roof?!

Then I thought back to the recent New York Times article about companies move towards creating “Vintage/ Heritage” lines to inspire people to open their pockets and feel a sense of nostalgia. Companies such as L.L. Bean and Jantzen are up and running with their remakes of vintage classic pieces.

In other industries, this “remake what worked” concept is also being incorporated — for example, major candy brands such as Reeses, Hershey, and Mr. Goodbar all created Retro covers this year. Also, major soda brands such as Coca Cola, 7 Up, and Mountain Dew are featuring back to the old days labels as well.

My overall feeling about this 2010 year aka the Blast from the Past Year, is that, we as a society should work towards moving FORWARD as opposed to backwards. The classic shows, candies, and clothing are there in our history to remind of us that specific time and place — 2010 is nothing whatsoever like the Early 20’s, 30’s or even 60’s which is why I think instead of working to create a finished “retro” product we work towards creating a “futuristic” one instead.