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2010- The Blast From The Past Year

In Uncategorized on June 14, 2010 at 7:03 pm

I have been on a hiatus for the past month — I do apologize for all who have enjoyed reading my rants on a daily basis. I promise to make more of an effort to remain consistent with my blogging from today on.

After having sat through what felt like an eternity last night — The Tony’s mostly bored me and summed up my thoughts that I should invest my 3 hours and hundreds of dollars later on shoes and a few good glasses of wine. There was nothing that I was DYING to see and to be quite honest the only part of the show I wanted to see was Glee stars Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison perform… which, when push came to shove, wasn’t nearly as mind blowing as their on screen performances.

The show got me thinking, however, about the extreme lack of innovative and fresh shows out there on Broadway at the moment. Every nomination was a remake of an old classic for the most part, even Fences, with Denzel.

Les Cage Aux Folles has been remade more times than Joan Rivers has had plastic surgery. Same with other “runners up” such as RAGTIME — like wait a minute guys. We are apparently the smartest nation in the country and were still showing RAGTIME??? What’s next month — Fiddler On The Roof?!

Then I thought back to the recent New York Times article about companies move towards creating “Vintage/ Heritage” lines to inspire people to open their pockets and feel a sense of nostalgia. Companies such as L.L. Bean and Jantzen are up and running with their remakes of vintage classic pieces.

In other industries, this “remake what worked” concept is also being incorporated — for example, major candy brands such as Reeses, Hershey, and Mr. Goodbar all created Retro covers this year. Also, major soda brands such as Coca Cola, 7 Up, and Mountain Dew are featuring back to the old days labels as well.

My overall feeling about this 2010 year aka the Blast from the Past Year, is that, we as a society should work towards moving FORWARD as opposed to backwards. The classic shows, candies, and clothing are there in our history to remind of us that specific time and place — 2010 is nothing whatsoever like the Early 20’s, 30’s or even 60’s which is why I think instead of working to create a finished “retro” product we work towards creating a “futuristic” one instead.