Child Stars — The Good and The Bad

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DREW BARRYMORE — Yes she has a lisp and yes she has horrendous taste in men, but she has been able to secure herself within the movie industry as a household name. Sure her movies have been 90% forgettable but it’s somewhat irrelevant – she was able to successfully bounce back from her 13 year old drug habit so for that she’ll be included in the limited few who have made it through the Child Actor threshold. Kudos to you Drew, Kudos.

MARY KATE AND ASHLEY OLSEN — Again I say, these girl could be on the fence but their high level of entrepreneurship and motivation to become successful empires in of themselves makes me include them into my successful child actor category. They are both odd little munchkins who dress themselves more like people on the streets than 23 year old moguls, but hey, it’s their lives not mine. I would prefer to dress more like a rockstar than a bum on the street but to each is own I suppose. What I am glad about, however, is that their odd 10 pound/Starbucks holding/holed sweater phase is finally over.

MICHAEL JACKSON– Not only do I give Michael credit in this category for being THE most successful artist of our generation but also because of what he had to endure as a child star to get to where he ended up eventually — topping the music charts for decades. He was put through the most rigorous upbringing and training. He of course was left emotionally scared as an adult (if you can even consider him that at any point during his life) — he was able to become a super super star so I am classifying him as a troubled yet successful ex child star.


JODIE SWEETIN— Poor poor Jodie. She was the middle child on the hit show Full House which means she HAS to at some point go through some emotional distress. Did I think she’d become hooked on Meth? No… No I did not, but the fallout of being a super star child actor and then being shot back into normality must be a very tough transition to say the least. I’m glad she’s getting her life back on track, however, this is no way I could have NOT put her on the bad list.

HALEY JOEL OSMENT — I think in our heart of hearts we all thought he had the “potential” to make it through the barrier but it was questionable. Unfortunately, Haley just didn’t pull through in the clutch. After getting a few if I’m not mistaken DUI’s, I think he retired his acting hat for good. It’s probably for the better.

JONATHAN LIPNICKI — I think we all knew this would happen, he was just TOO CUTE as a child. It wouldn’t have been fair to humanity had he turned out to be an adorable adult too — just wouldn’t have been fair.


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