The Reasons Were All Hooked On 24/7 Pharmacies

In Uncategorized on June 27, 2010 at 3:36 pm

My addiction to CVS and Duane Reade is more intense then my need to eat and work out, which is saying something in of itself. For as LONG as I can remember, I have been an addict of the 24/7 Pharmacy — and now I’ve come to realize why it is me (and most other Americans) are hooked on these stores.

1) They are open 24/7 — for the sheer convenience factor, I will say they are appealing. I love knowing that if nothing more, I can stumble my way into any CVS or Duane Reade at 3am and find myself some thing worth eating back at my apartment or reading while checking out in line – 24/7 stores are deadly I tell ya

2) You literally purchase things daily that you absolutely do NOT need — for instance, I myself purchase hairbands and headbands on a bi weekly basis. Why you may ask? Because I simply can’t figure out where they all mysteriously went. So instead of spending the time to look intensely for the items, I merely make it a point to go to the crack shop and purchase some more

3) Many of these pharmacies now make more luxurious looking/ less expensive versions of virtually every thing we like, making it IMPOSSIBLE for us not to purchase. For example, Duane Reade now creates a luxury line of products including delicious foods including, Mac and Cheese and Sparkling Beverages in illuminating glass bottles. WHO CAN RESIST THEM?


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