My Day in Hell’s Kitchen Park

In Uncategorized on July 5, 2010 at 9:38 pm

I have been battling major issues with heat — my years of baking for 10+ hours a day in the sun are far gone. To be honest, I don’t miss the uneasy feeling usually felt after having sat for way too long in the sun on a daily basis. My skin is yelling with happiness I’m sure. Regardless, I miss the sun and being able to relax comfortably outdoors. With that in mind, today I  decided to break out of my hotel room and venture to a local park. I picked the closest park to my hotel, Ink48,which happened to be  Hell’s Kitchen Park located on 10th Avenue between West 47th and 48th.

Here are the few things I learned at the park today:

  • Water guns, more specifically Super Soakers, are back and better than ever — each child that found their way to the park wouldn’t DARE come without being locked and loaded… without a water gun that is.

  • Wetsuits are apparently very much appropriate attire to wear to a local park — well, if you think more about it, the entirety of your stay at the park consist of you fighting with fellow tykes in the water pools or in my case being “water fountained” by a little girl who felt she was a walking water shooter.

  • Kids are smarter than adults — we don’t think to wear JELLY SANDALS to a park that features various water attractions do we? No, no we don’t. Most of us show up in leather open toed shoes or even canvas flip flops, all of which were NOT meant to be water fountained on for sure. Jelly sandals are most definitely still available for adults and should be purchased as a COOLER AND LESS FADDY ALTERNATIVE TO THE CROC


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