Foodie Files — Obsessions for August

In Uncategorized on August 28, 2010 at 8:22 pm

I have been trying my best to break out of my normal routine of my “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” Omelet with Toast for breakfast every morning… I have been MILDLY successful. I say mildly because I tend to feel ravenously hungry come 11am when I branch out of my comfort zone. See that’s what I get. I have been trying to dabble with some Greek yogurt/fruit and or waffles, eh. I may staying boring we’ll see.

In other news, some of my most popular blogs over the years have been when I highlight some of my current foodie obsessions, so I believe I will start doing this once a month if possible. Here you go:


I grew up eating Belgium waffles — in addition to the never ending supply of TAB diet soda, Chardonnay and Banana Bread around my house as a kid we used to always have individual Belgium waffle packs. I remember you’d be instructed to stick each one in its own aluminum/ cardboard microwavable box. Weird come to think of it. Anyway, these are delicious and nutritious. Dab some PB and Maple Syrup and you’re good to go.


There is something to be said for ugly tomatoes — I mean, really ugly tomatoes. They are uber crisp and delicious, a bit more refreshing to use in dishes than the standard Heirloom in my opinion. I had to pick some up at the market and was not disappointed with my purchase. I used the tomatoes in everything from my boring omelets, to part of Turkey sandwich wraps etc.


My obsession with Ben and Jerry’s Fro Yo collection is not a new revelation to you guys. I have blogged about their other variations over the years — I think it’s so good, so good. I like Cherry Garcia at the moment with chunks of chocolate and real cherries — I dig. Big time.


I probably shouldn’t be spending 8.00 on Blueberry Jam right out of college, but hey, you only live once right? What makes this jam different in my opinion is the authentic chunks of real blueberries inside — I don’t feel like I’m eating sugary mushy jam — instead, I feel like I’m eating what real “jam/marmalade” should taste like.


JUDGE ME if you’d like for this pick but, they’re delicious. I was originally adverse to purchasing anything that had “Vita” in the title — then… I started representing Vita Coco… and then began eating Vita Tops. Oh well, I will say now I shouldn’t have sworn it off in the past. With variations such as Banana Nut, Chocolate and Corn Muffins they really are amazing snacks/desserts. I like to microwave the Corn Vita Top and top it with syrup and whipped cream. YUM.

  1. So I understand you’re Vita Coco buff 🙂

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