…. Where I’ve Been Going At Night

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I will admit one thing about this bar — if you go here during peak seasons/ nights you will have a blast — it will be full of young people, good music in the basement and an overall fun night. If you go there, however, over the summer or at off hours you will be creeped out by the random men sitting on plush couches alone staring at you. I advise you to wait until mid November, Saturday night at 11pm. You’ll love me for introducing you to this bar. Promise.

675 BAR

I love this place — it’s gritty on the outside and it forces you to walk downstairs to a grafittied entrance, but I still love it. It’s always bustling, and the boy playroom feel of the bar gets me every time. It’s so cool — and cavern ish. I don’t think that’s a word but I am going to institute it as one here. Hope you don’t mind.


I love this place — if you walk too fast you’ll miss it. And that’s a great thing… I was recommended a Gin drink — which, usually, wouldn’t be my drink of choice but as I was told it was “summer time in a glass” — and boy were they right. Delicious. I also hear from friends and from Immaculate Infatuation that their Grilled Cheese is the best in the city…. Next trip I suppose.

  1. Definitely following your blog Taylor. Rad stuff!

    – Stebs

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