Why Do I Love The Fall? Let Me Count The Reasons…

In Uncategorized on October 6, 2010 at 9:31 pm

APPLE AND PUMPKIN PICKING — Ok so I’d be lying if I said I have actually ever done such an activity, however, I will comment from an outsiders perspective that it is damn cool. I think if at some point I were to find a normal boyfriend I would take him apple or pumpkin picking. I think it would be more amusing if we went pumpkin picking solely because 90% of the pumpkins would be larger than myself.  


AMAZING HALLOWEEN RECIPES (courtesy of Baked Bree – family friend and amazing/unreal food blogger, http://www.bakedbree.com) — I have to admit, no other holiday gets me more inspired to try and bake and entertain at my apartment. I will say “inspire” because every year I see SUCH adorable Halloween inspired cocktails and desserts and automatically go into “party planning mode” …. then the fire burns out, quick. Oh well. I can still salivate over food bloggers who aren’t as lazy as myself.  


 STARBUCKS SHIFT TO FALL INSPIRED DRINKS, DUH — This one is a no brainer — not only Starbucks, but mostly every chain begins to showcase orange, brown, yellow and black themed delicacies. I think the Pumpkin related drinks, quick breads and cupcakes are a personal favorite.  

THE SCENERY– I love all aspects of Fall changes in weather. The weather cools down immensely which is much-needed come October. The leaves also begin to change and fall — the vivid yellows, oranges and greens are breath-taking at times. I also have a freakish obsession with the smell of firewood? Which always is in HEAVY rotation in the fall season. 


HALLOWEEN — SCARY MOVIES — BEING SCARED (HAVE YOU MET ME?) — Hands down THE BEST HOLIDAY EVVVERRR. Ok, I’ll stop being uber dramatic and just say that I love it for all reasons EXCEPT that all college and embarrasingly older women find the need to dress like skanks. I don’t get it — why do you take a fun child oriented candy filled holiday and turn it into a massive lingerie show? I don’t comprehend. Anyway! I still love Halloween for the sheer fact that it’s dark, wood smelling outside, light outside with pumpkins and candles, and kids in imaginative outfits. Count me in.

  1. great post! love your blog

    -He approves


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