Where I Need To Eat Next (NYC Edition)

In Uncategorized on October 7, 2010 at 8:39 pm


This is really bad that I haven’t been yet to Eataly — a “claimed” foodie, I know I know I’ll make my way soon. Big large crowds intimidate/ annoy me though so I’m waiting until the buzz dies down JUST  a bit. I did hear from sources that you absolutely invest in sliced meats and cheeses — and veer clear of the ridiculously overpriced tomato sauces and pastas. I will have to make my own comments after visiting.


I stayed in the hotel for which Breslin lives in, however, I never made it to the restaurant that was just opening when I was checked into the hotel. Regardless, the menu is totally legitimate and up my alley. The appetizers seem to be the headliners on the menu — with items such as Salt & Vinegar Crisps and Caramel Popcorn? You can’t go wrong. I’m also a HUGE ass sucker for all Gastropubs, I think I’m somewhat hipster for a few hours, and then of course, reality sets in….


This really needs no explanation — I am ashamed having not been once, even alone if no one shares the same love and desire to eat Paella all the time as I myself do. New York Mag ranked this the best place in the city to get Paella, um… what am I waiting for? That’s a great question that I cannot answer. Bar seating facing all other diners — loud, dark, fast moving and great paella — is it dinnertime yet?


He was just written about last Dining In Dining out NYTimes so I’m not too far behind everyone else. The menu looks unreal, especially the “go to dish” — Bell & Evans Chicken Under a Brick with Yukon Smashed Potatoes, Pan drippings and Rapini. I die inside a bit. One of the appetizers looks literally scandalously good — Mac and Cheese, Lamb Neck, Orzo, Marscapone and Parmigiano.



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