Coffee Battle Showdown — Starbucks VS Dunkin’

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I have been meaning to post this for, well, as long as I have been a daily consumer of coffee. I don’t even in actuality like the taste of coffee? However, I think it’s a cool “thing” to carry en route to classes, work, on a cold day so I have taken a somewhat liking to the beverage.

Yesterday, I was ordering something out of my element, a Skinny Cinammon Dolce Latte, Grande. The cashier rang me up for a bit over $5.00 — I am never shocked by pricing and I was floured. Maybe it’s me? But, to grab some coffee pour it into a cup with skim and a shot of a generic syrup really should not cost me any more than $3 bucks. Sorry. It made me think about the battle between Dunkin’ and Starbucks… who reigns supreme?


While I’m livid about the spike in coffee prices, I will say, I have a big pet peeve with those stupid ass styrofoam cups that Dunkin offers for their hot coffee. I order a coffee hot so that I can carry it and warm  my hands — your sub mediocre coffee is NOT why I buy a cup of your coffee Dunkin. While more expensive, Starbucks also offers great varities of syrups including some favorites including: Cinnamon Dolce, Vanilla and Caramel. ROUND ONE GOES TO: STARBUCKS










I don’t think there’s even a close comparison in both taste and price of Stabrucks compared to Dunkin. For $2.50 you get a large, extremely tasty iced coffee from Dunkin. There isn’t even a need to elaborate on this round — if you think Starbucks is better in this category? Come talk to me in person about it, thanks. ROUND TWO GOES TO: DUNKIN










Well, personally, I think both of their selections suck. Starbucks has horrendous bagels and muffins/baked goods. HOWEVER, they do offer “on the go” healthier breakfast and lunch options such as Protein Packs, Egg white/spinach/feta on whole wheat bread and Paninis with Chicken/Cheese etc. On the other hand, Dunkin IS the donut/baked good mecca of America — Their selection of pastries has yet to be surpassed. Their seasonal donuts such as Fall and Halloween inspired Donuts are THE best. Their breakfast/lunch options are not wholesome or healthy — even the Egg White Flatbread is full of processed ingredients. ROUND THREE: TIE.

Damnit guess it means they both belong to stick around, for now that is. Until a mega coffee chain comes along with healthy foods, cheaper prices for coffee drinks and amazing iced coffee that is.


  1. What about comparing their Pumpkin Spiced lattes??? I think Starbucks might have that one by a hair, but have you tried the Caramel Apple at Dunkin Donuts? It is SO good!

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