My Gallery of the Month: October’s Sick Art Findings

In Uncategorized on October 15, 2010 at 4:53 pm


This photographer actually focuses mainly on fashion and beauty but his food photography is unbelievably gorgeous and has been featured in every top food magazine, such as Bon Apetit. I love the photographers ability to deconstruct the commonplace. Taking a burger and showcasing them in individual, leviated layers. The second picture is a lot more symbolic in my opinion — it demonstrates what Americans consume most and why most of our country is obese. Extreme salt consumption and sugary sweets are two of the many main causes of diabetes and obesity throughout our nation.



British street artist whose identify is unconfirmed. Banky’s art work combines dark humor with graffiti art. He works through the British underground scene to create pieces of art all throughout England — never revealing anymore information about himself, let alone selling his creations (those not installations that is of course). What’s cool about his work is that he makes passerbys re-think what’s reality and what’s imaginary. His work forces you to engage.



 This artist really captured me because of her inexplicit attempts of showcasing the ease as to which guns are part of our culture and inevitably in our children’s hands. She also took a scene depicting a prim and proper dinner table set up and incorporated not a real gun but instead a porceilin one, signifying the commonality of guns within the home.



This artist’s work is unbelievable. He has created every thing you could possibly conjure up out of paper. Through these paper thin installations, he has taken on larger projects such as displays on water. What differentiates him from a lot of other artists that incorporate paper is that he toys with 3D verus 2D in mostly every piece — creating a sense of imbalance in the work that makes the viewer have to think about it.


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