My October Obsessions

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Manhattan Food Exchange, located at the end of the  Chelsea Market, has THE best unprocessed, hand made, all natural Peanut and Almond Butter. You’re captured by the free sampling of peanut butter and green apples outside of the market but even more enticed when you walk inside and see the workers all manually scooping the butters into jars for a scary 1.50 cents for a  small round container of the product. I spread it on some whole wheat toast with bananas — but you really could do anything with it. What differentiates this specific product is that it literally tastes so natural and real. I don’t think I’ll be buying any other supplier’s Almond Butter anytime soon.  


I’m not a girly girl by any means, but I do like to pamper myself here and there (ok more like here and here) when it comes to manicures and pedicures. I used to only get pedis due to the fact that every sport and activity I have ever competed in, was focused solely around my feet (gymnastics, dance, running).  I’ve stuck for many many years with French on my hands and feet, however, once I found OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques there was no turning back. I’m more possesive over this bottle of nail polish than I am over very pricey jeans that I own. FACT.


I know now isn’t probably the most ideal time so put him in my favorite’s post but he’s musically blowing up. Blow — ironically put Tayl. Anyway, his new CD is phenomenal and I think his live performances are even more amazing lately. Perhaps it has something to do with him trying as hard as possible to have the arrest forgotten about. Regardless of his rationale, he’s currently killin’ it. Sorry to all the haters out there. Perez agrees with me too.


Vintage Jewelry Finds

Since having moved to the city (NYC of course I’m referring to) I have taken at least a solid hour both Saturday and Sunday to devote to Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market. It’s not the best but here and there you find amazing inexpensive finds. There is one artist, for example, that takes various typewriter letters and numbers and converts them into beautiful rings. I have a T clearly — it’s unique and different than anyone else who has a ring on their finger, so for that, I truly adore flea markets and street fairs. You pick up unique (sometimes shoddy quality yes) but unique pieces nonethless.


I really love figs lately — I purchase them pre packaged so that way they’re more of a snack on the go, and a healthier alternative to “pre-made trail mix” which by now every one knows is drenched is synthetic sugars and other flavor/color preserving dyes. I also, surprisingly enough, LOVE Fig Balsamic Drizzle. I love syrupy Balsamic to begin with but the incorporation of a fig flavor into the mix makes it completely irreplace as a staple in my frigde as a salad dressing.


Now that I’m a “fully functioning” working “professional” the need to dress work appropriately on a daily basis is required, therefore, I can’t be showcasing my favorite ripped Madewell Jeans or Miss Sixty bomber leather jacket Monday- Friday. With that in mind, the need to find hot yet work fitting shoes is clutch. I bought the hottest pair of Franco Sarto nude pumps for work and have been never happier with any previous Zappos purchase as I was when I bought those. They work with navy, black and mostly any colored outfit. Count me in.


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