You Can Have Your Cupcakes and Eat Them Too

In Uncategorized on October 21, 2010 at 6:23 pm

I think if I could acquire one superhero trait  I would want the ability to create REALLY cool shit. Who cares about listening through invisible walls to other people’s conversations? Also, there are things called jets and planes — who would want to fly and bare horrific weather conditions?

I’d like the skill of being able to make cupcakes like the ones below. They are all amazing and there are countless more I could have posted here but I thought I’d make a few subcategories and show you guys some of the coolest ones. 


It’s kind of a play on words — but with cupcakes? Food related bakery products. Regardless, the hamburger cupcakes are adorable and could serve as a dessert center pieces at your next function outdoors — grilling/barbeque perhaps? The sushi ones are amazing — they look so realistic. I don’t know the context as to when you’d eat them? But hey, if you’re sushi lover this could replace your birthday cake. Except, you can’t make the first slice. Oh well.


Ok I must admit when I saw the Tie dye cupcakes? I died a bit inside. I have loved this print forever and to find amazing looking cupcakes with multicolored swirl insides makes me a happier person… but really. I think if I ever got the courage to spend an afternoon whipping up cupcakes for no one else but myself I would attempt to make those. I loved the cranium cupcakes as well — how great are these? I think these could be presented a child’s party and or “show and tell”. The show and tell would be “My Mom Means Business in The Kitchen”. 


These are my favorite — Mario Party cupcakes are you KIDDING ME? These are fabulous. My first birthday was The Simpsons themed. Weeakkk sauce. I would have loved cupcakes at my birthday — it would have made me THE coolest 1 year old ever. Oh well, who says it’s too late to have Mario Party on my 23rd birthday cupcakes? The PacMan ones are awesome too — the black background make them really dramatic and realistic looking. Never really a fan of the game (who would like a little yellow jawman gobbling you up?) but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate cool artwork when I see it.


So two years ago when I blogged about “All Things Martha” — I definitely posted this picture, and what a better time to re-present it. I love these cupcakes for some reason they just do it for me. My big in my sorority knew of my obsession with the cupcakes and thought to re-create them for me on my 21st birthday. How cool right? They were amazing and even better at 4am after having lost my shoes somewhere in North End, Boston.


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