Celebrities Destined Never To Wed

In Uncategorized on November 1, 2010 at 2:15 pm


Ya know, the more I think about it the more I think they are an ideal match. Come on — let’s analyze here for a minute. Both have been around the Hollywood block and back, many – o – times and have yet to keep a relationship that’s lasted. I think John is less likely to ever get married solely his doing; he is too self absorbed and childish to move out of his own way. JAniston would marry her LA car driver if he were to pop the question at this point, but for some reason the chick is nuts as I’ve blogged about years ago.


While I think John is personally one of the top 5 most attractive men in Hollywood?  I think he just prefers to maintain his “I look 30 and I’m uber bronzed and still getting TV gigs so I will continue to dirty text girls born in 1988 or later”. Hey, whatever floats your boat John — I will just chime in, if you happen to read this message me– well exchange BBMs. I have no shame.


This one goes without saying. Come to think of it — I don’t think I could think of one human alive less inept to get married than Mr. Sheen. He is not only a narcissistic, raging alcoholic drug addict? But he’s scary and threatens the lives of all women that enter his sick and perverted world of hookers, coke and many many suites under fake names.


If she ever happens to stop abusing drugs, pain killers, cocaine and pot maybe she will be able to then figure out which gender/ sex she prefers? I think she is a train wreck headed for the deep end of the Hollywood cliffs. I will say her relationship with Sam Ronson made me more sad for her than the drug addictions — she just really has no idea who she is. Maybe if she’s around to see the age of 30 she will realize that Hollywood just isn’t where she should be. Perhaps find a burn out like herself and settle dog, maybe buy a Boxer?


I love her I think she’s hot, in shape and wildly independent. What I don’t necessarily understand about her, however, is why she always chooses the over steroidal athletes who will be willing to ditch her for the next young thing that falls in their lap at the strip club. I think she should take some pointers from other actresses who pick less well-known, more “I enjoy nights in watching Seinfeld and drinking 2 Buck Chuck”.


I will conclude with Clooney — oh I like how that sounds. I mean he clearly took an anti aging pill at 24 and it has been wildly successful for him ever since. He is unable to age and if anything looks better as he gets older. But I think he has a lot of momma issues if you will and will never be content with any one woman — no matter how hot  they make look on the back on his Vespa in Florence.


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