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My Favorite Drinks of 2010

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I love Gin and Tonics for a few reasons…. but mainly because it’s a manly, bare boned cocktail that gets the job done. You will never and I repeat never see me with a Cosmo… mainly because it’s too girly for me and because you need to drink multiple and I repeat multiple Cosmos before even feeling a buzz of any kind. Thanks, I’ll pass. Interestingly enough, Gin and Tonics are RARELY weak on the gin — whereas, when I order my Vodka Tonics I’d say 80% of the time I’m only tasting the Tonic. Maybe it has to do with my tolerance? Maybe it’s the bartender being skimpy…. only the man behind the counter really knows.


Another favorite of mine. Would I like shots of Rum? Um, no… would I like some rum with a splash of Coke? Why yes, thank you for asking. I think three of these do the trick for me when I’d need a hell of a lot more beer or wine to have the same effect. I also just order this drink to make myself seem somewhat of a badass, let’s be honest here.


My relationship with Vodka Tonic is like that with Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. It’s a staple, of course, but it has the ability to get very old very fast. I also hate how often I find bartender who think I’m wasted give me no vodka, which is clearly the reason I’m paying the $14 tab, and fill up my drink my mainly tonic. Once I become a fully functioning adult with an apartment big enough to entertain? I’ll make sure MY vodka tonics have a 1…2…. BAM effect. Yes, you’re all invited in case you were wondering.


No, I am not a fan of whiskey in general. Yes, I work for Pernod Ricard on their Jameson, Glenlivet and Chivas Regal accounts. I have warmed up majorly to one Jameson drink, however, which is Jameson and Ginger. It’s fabulous. I love Ginger Ale to begin with — add in some “special sauce” that helps get me buzzed? I’m alll set with Jamo and Ginger for the evening. Thank you very much.


I wish I could write more posts specifically about beers, microbeers, beers on tap, organic beers, beer cans but I truthfully have no palate for such an animal. I only enjoy a beer — whether it be in a bottle or on tap, when at a sports bar, at a sporting event, or while watching sports in the comfort of my own home. I absolutely detest some beers …. well, more specifically, Corona and Corona Lights. I don’t care how many freakin’ limes you douse my drink with? I won’t be able to stomach it….. Give me a Blue Moon on tap with a slice of orange, on the other hand, I am one content little lady. Very different story.


There’s a very funny backstory to this. My brother and I used to bash my father unbearably about keeping Miller Lite’s in the house. Maybe my brother thought to make fun of him solely because it was a “light” beer. I don’t know why we did that to be honest… all I can say is that Miller Lite’s weren’t brought into our house without chuckles. I started having some in the bottle when there wouldn’t be other valid options at the bars I was frequenting. I have come to really love this beer as well as another lighter beer, Michelob Ultra.


I love bubbly. I love wine. I love all things bubbly and wine related. Santa Margherita, another client with whom I work with, makes a really inexpensive, rich tasting bottle of bubbly. It’s not as pricey as a higher end Prosecco, but has the taste of one that usually comes with a much higher price tag.


This label has been a staple in my house for as long as I can remember. My mother is only a Chardonnay drinker…. and well, many other spirits just not other varietals of wine. My dad sticks to the Cabernets and Malbecs. I fall somewhere in the middle — I love Sauvignon Blancs and Chardonnay but when I want to fall asleep FAST or become flirtatious, which is very out of my nature, I opt for the reds. This Chardonnay made by Clos Du Bois, middle range in the pricing, is an ideal fit for any chicken, lighter steak or fish dinner. Some other whites we love include: Rodney Strong, Edna Valley and Hess.

Hess Vineyards, side note, is the artsy/foodie HAVEN of a vineyard… the best art I’ve seen in a while plus amazing wine. Granted, you need to make enough money to purchase the artwork in the vineyard to purchase Hess’ wine on a weekly basis, VERY pricey but very worth it.


Mid priced, very solid Cabernet to have on your shelf, most definitely. It’s a table wine that works perfectly with any meaty dish, ragus, heartier pastas or even something a bit esoteric such as an Osso Bucco. Some other labels we love, in regards to reds, include J Lohr, Ravens Wood and 14 Hands

How Is Life Easier For Men? Let Me Gladly Count The Ways

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Let me preface this post as follows — for the MOST PART? I enjoy being a girl. I have grown accostumed to all things necessary to make it as a fully functioning woman in society, so for that? I tap myself big time on the back. I used to be quite a girly girl rebel — choosing mainly to wear my brothers Quiksilver hoodies and my own Simples/Van kicks. It took me, to be honest, until a year or two ago to start appreciating the more feminine things in life such as a great pedicure or a wonderful dye job.

The fact of the matter is, however, no matter how the hell you cut it — men have it infinitely easier on a day to day basis than women. Those men that beg to differ will enjoy reading my post — then, hopefully, gain a better understanding of the hardships, us women, face in order to make it as a good lucking chick in modern day society.

Have a slow metabolism? Well, that sucks for you

Men have the luxury of not really gaining or losing all too much weight. Women, on the other hand, have to watch it for the most part. No, unless you’re Heidi Klum whom clearly saved dying babies in her other life, you’re not able to chug ten beers, eat two Big Macs and polish it off with an Apple Pie without feeling it big time shortly thereafter. My brother, for instance, has the ability to eat the amount a normal sumo wrestler would consume and yet somehow manage to lose weight. What a rough life men live.

Granny Panties and Mom Bras? No Speak Englais.

Men, no matter how much they beg to differ, DO NOT in fact find your white/cream/polka dot cotton bras or underwear flattering or sexy in any setting. Unless you’re doing some gross role playing in which they’re living out their desire to be with their local librarian? It’s necessary women dress the part for their man. Meaning, wired/lacy/itchy bras that look much better than they feel and lacy, see through, riding up your ass thongs. Oh well, that’s life.

No need to constantly upkeep your nails (hands or feet) —

Let’s be real here for a minute. Let’s say “hypothetically here” — that you, sir, go on a date with a girl. The date BEGINS great — then you take a look at her nails. Chipped nail polish, oddly shaped, rough edged nails …. You then proceed to see her in a bedroom setting and see skank ass looking toe nails. What really is the likelihood you’ll be calling her for date #2? Thank you AND goodnight.

Not having to worry about being whistled in …. well… virtually every social or work setting —

I’m NO Giselle, but I do manage to garner quite a large amount of whistling and comments. I once had a Red Sea- like situation occur in the fall of this year in NYC when a group of six men literally parted as though they were re-playing a scene from the parting of the Red Sea. I don’t think the comments men make at bars are ALWAYS tacky? I will say, however, the wildly overweight construction workers sipping on their Orange Sodas with their beer bellies in full view yelling “Hey Babayyy”? Isn’t fun, no matter HOW busted of a woman you are, sorry but it’s true.

Maternity clothes? What do those look like exactly?…..

It’s enough that women have to carry a load – literally and metaphorically for NINE full months. Nausea, bloating, odd hunger pains, discomfort — you get the drift. To make matters insanely worse, NOTHING is truly flattering on pregnant women. You can compliment them all you want and say how “naturally glowing” they look, but when push comes to shove? Every women looks like a real life Oompa Loompa in maternity clothes. And even if you choose to splurge on your favorite designer jeans “done mom”? You’ll have to toss them once the kid is born — unless, that is, you want to keep the baby fat on and pretend for months following you’re expecting yet another? No one’s here to judge you, I promise.

Waxing — The burning, scorching, expensive “hobby” you don’t have to worry about —

Replay the scene from 40 Year Old Virgin back in your head…. then imagine THAT being done to the following areas (give or take): your downtown region, eye brows, upper lip, left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm. You get the point. Waxing is itchy, scorchingly hot when applied and very uncomfortable depending on where, exactly, you’re choosing to wax. Be lucky, men, that being hairless like a cat isn’t a requirement in order to get a call back. That’s all I’ll say about the matter.

Leggings, tights, stockings? Not necessary for you folks —

Now, what’s ironic about stockings is that I used to absolutely DETEST wearing stockings. Maybe it was my mom’s strict rules about having to wear them during the winter seasons? Or perhaps it was more the fact I felt like an old grandma when I did succumb to wearing them. Needless to say? I was NOT  a fan of hosiery. Once I began working in corporate America, I started warming up to the tight concept. However, and this is a large ass however, unless you’re as meticulous as a jewelry maker? It is INEVITABLE that you’ll cause runs/ holes in your stockings within a day or two, making them trash worthy and unwearable. I can’t still figure out the magic to NOT ruining tights of mine under a week of wear.

Heel wearage 10+ hours a day, every day, even or more importantly on weekends off —

Think because it’s Friday after work that the need to wear creepishly high heels is through? Think again… if you were to show up in any metro city in the USA in flats or sneaks, you wouldn’t be allowed in or maybe if you were? You would be looked at with embarrassment. The unwritten rule of thumb is that you wear heels out at night — whether it be a “girls night out” or a date with a gentleman.

Meat Market — South Beach Dining Review

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I’m not a big carnivore. I like my chicken, seafood and occasionally seasoned steak, but I wouldn’t go out of my way — let’s put it like that — to eat steak. Being a Jew on Christmas isn’t always the easiest thing to do — in terms of dining and entertainment more specifically. Meat Market, the restaurant my mom suggested, ended up being a quite delicious and exciting meal. Really swank atmosphere, gay men with studded belts taking our orders and TONS of amazing dishes.

I will bullet out for you fine folks, as per usual, my noteworthy suggestions if you ever end up craving meat when on Lincoln Road in Miami.

Noteworthy Dishes to Try:

  • Roasted Potato Soup (Soup of the evening, changes daily I presume)
  • Sea Bass with Soy Bean Mash, Wild Mushrooms, Sweet Corn Tomato Concasse, Truffle Nage
  • 14 Oz Center Cut Prime Steak
  • 12 Oz Filet Mignon
  • Sauces to try with the steaks: Jack Daniels Garlic Sauce, Cabernet Reduction, ** Horseradish Truffle Sauce — so amazing if you like horseradish, that is of course
  • Sides worth trying: ** Truffle creamed corn — oh wow, Parmesan and Roasted Basil Tomatoes, Baked Potato with Bacon, Sour Cream and Chives

What Gets Me Through The Winter — Food and Beverage Edition

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I just can’t get enough… Like French Onion Soup on a menu, it’s just one appetizer I will NOT be able to turn down. It’s warm, hearty, comforting, full of various textures — as you can tell? I’m stark mad for chili. I try to make it myself… countless times I have tried, and it never comes close to restaurant made chili – I can’t figure out why. Who cares, I’ll stick to forking out dollah bills for it for the time being.


My mom is actually a wonderful cook — one of her best dishes, which is so easy in actuality is “Chicken Under a Brick”… I grew up seeing my mom wrap a literal big ass brick in tin foil and lay it on top of chicken breasts until cooked fully through. It wasn’t until later in life, when at restaurants browing the menus, I came across Chicken Under a Brick again. I think my mom’s is personally my favorite still, even though I will admit to having tried my fair share while dining out as well.


While I personally have yet to master the art of Lasagna making? I have NEVER once been let down by my family and or friend’s home made meat or veggie lasagna dishes. It brings me back to my cross country years when we would have a CARBO LOAD dinner the night before every race. The best and fastest to be gone dishes at the pasta parties were hands down the lasagnas.


OK this is ACTUALLY a dish I am rather good at… I love garlic bread. Heavy on the garlic. I want to be eating whole cloves pretty much. I also love it with butter, EVOO, salt, pepper, parmesan. It is what keeps every little kid AND want to still be kid happy at the dinner table. If you come across someone who doesn’t enjoy every second of garlic bread consuming? Let me know, I’ll have a little chat with them.


You can’t have a happy winter without some solid corn bread. And you can’t have some solid corn bread without creamy sweet honey. It just isn’t possible. I love good old Jiffy mix. Never lets me down. I could pair the corn bread, like I am “supposed to” with the chili, but corn bread (if made right) is too delectable to eat with other interferences.


Sigh…. I have AT LEAST one cup of hot chocolate a day…. year round. I am such a big hot chocolate fan. I don’t like nibbling on pieces of chocolate, so instead I get my daily fix by making a hot cup of it with marshmallows if the mood so strikes. I prefer my classy Swiss Miss over store made ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.


What screams winter beverage MORE than hot apple cider? You know what makes cider even better? Spiking it — you know me at this point. It’s a wonderful winter drink — I even had an Apple Cider Martini recently at Trestle on Tenth in Chelsea… it was delish.


My mom special ordered them at ACME when I was a kid — she also would more or less hide them so I couldn’t steal her own personal night time treat. She underestimated me, clearly. I have loved them forever and ever. They are even more enjoyable when you know they are only on the shelves for the winter months.


I love apples… I love warm apples… I love crumbly goodness on top of that. Who wouldn’t like apple crumble dessert? I love having the first spoonful and then passing it along to others to share with me. It’s heavy but so delicious and worth every bite.

Taylor’s Ultimate Hotel Destination Picks

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Wow did I love this resort. I think after having been kicked out of my hotel room in San Francisco (mind you, I was vacationing with my mom — we got written up for noise violations but that’s besides the point), a relaxing quiet getaway was much needed. No, I don’t think you’d go here with a friend — either you go with someone you’re dating or you go with your wine loving counterpart mom. They too offer a wine/cheese happy hour which to be honest? Isn’t the smartest idea …. you are spending 9-4pm tasting variations of wine and will continue on drinking wine with dinner and bars following, the LAST THING you’d like at 4pm is wine. JUST an FYI. The resort itself was gorgeous and wonderfully groomed/maintained. I’d recommend a relationship getaway here.


Sometimes, my family and I just want to get the HELL OUT OF SOUTH BEACH. This destination spot, worked perfectly for our needs. Is it relaxed environment? Um. no…. I felt like in order to walk to the pool or to go to the gym I should have put on some heels, but other than that? Great hotel. GORGEOUS views from the balcony of our suite and great poolside/beachside accomodations. The only downside to the hotel is the meals — I felt like our breakfast every morning was straight out of a Royal Carribean cruise. I’ll make my own toast next time around, thanks.


To say that The Standard in South Beach is a home away from home? Is extremely spot on– to the point that my family just finished building our 2nd home right next door, kid you not. They have become close as family and are extremely accomodating to my family and I. The hotel is totally hipster and bare boned but it is a gorgeous setting and a “communal 60’ish” experience.


Breathtaking views, miserable and underpaid work staff, overpriced but you just can’t help yourself from returning. Anguilla, if you have never been, is one of those places you just feel so — free. You don’t know anyone, you will never know anyone and that’s the luxury of it. If you pop over to Key West instead, let’s give a hypothetical here, the likelihood you won’t run into an old gym teacher on a trip with her “partner”? Is slim to none. When you fly to Never Never Land you are totally isolated. Sure you’re spending more than you can afford on meals and transportation, but hey, at least you don’t have to conjure up gym teacher talk?


The absolutely no cell phone rule may be a detterant for some, but in reality, it IS kind of extremely liberating to be incognito for a week and change. The hotel is gorgeous — you feel like you were invited to an uber classy friend’s house for the weekend. Awesome set up outside with white lawnchairs and a beautiful view. Food isn’t the hotel’s speciality but you have unlimited other options for that in Nantucket.



This IS my childhood in essence. Well… Vermont in the winter, Hamptons in the summer that is. I just adore this hotel. I think for the price they charge at this point? Some major renovations are necessary. The rooms are so not up to par but there is NO COMPARISON in regards to having that “winter wonderland in Vermont” feel, really. We ski at Stratton mountain which is a convenient 30 minute, if that, drive from the hotel. The landscape surrounding the hotel is breathtaking and the spa which is somewhat newly renovated is my mom’s (and mine when I take a lazy day off from skiing) oasis. The live music on the weekends is so outdated but never gets old to me — I think the three member band that plays on Friday nights is the same three member band that played Friday nights when I was barely old enough to walk.



There is just something so swank and refreshing about the Ace. The Breslin, their buzz worthy bar/restaurant only adds to the allure of staying at this hotel. While the location of the hotel, as I mentioned when I originally blogged about the Ace, is somewhat seedy? It’s well worth it. You’re most definitely not going to have a quiet… calming hotel experience at the Ace — quite the opposite to be exact. Photo booths and tartan wallpaper take up most of the hotel lobby. Non-stop foreign techno music and Marc Jacob look alike models run wild throughout the halls all day and night. I dig it, big time.


The Benjamin, on the contrary, IS the type of place you’d go to get away from the buzz of the city… at least while you’re still in your room that is. The area, Midtown East, pretty much clears out on the weekends so it tends to be less noisy then perhaps, staying in SoHo or the LES for example on a weekend. The hotel accomodations are nice, nothing totally out of the $$$ price tag ordinary, however, their gym is great and the lounge/restaurant “The National” is really fun and THE spot to find hot finance men after work. Not looking, justttt stating an observation of course.  


This hotel brings back a lot of memories from last winter. I used to play the role of Eloise, hating to impose on my NYC resident friends, I used to camp out very often here at the Library. I will say, it doesn’t have a lot of ROOM whatsoever. I think if they eliminated HALF of the amount of books they decorate each room with? You’d have a hell of a lot more space to sleep. I get a one bedroom which even for me (and I’m coming in under 110lbs) is a BIT TOO SNUG for my liking. The really sick ass part of staying here is the wine/cheese hour every night from like 5-7 and the unlimited fruit/coffee/tea/sweets available upstairs. TOTALLY my reasoning for going back — I loved it.

Life by Keith Richards — Book Review

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I will start out by saying I’m not a massive Rolling Stones fan — which is somewhat shocking after having picked my book of the month to be “Life” by the one and only Keith Richards. I guess what got me hooked from beginning to end with this autobiography is Richard’s raw honesty and ability to say exactly what he felt/ what he did/why he did it — if there was a reason for his actions, that is….

Here are a few things that popped out at me after having read the book:

1) Richards has no real underlying reasons as to why he’s battled severe drug and alcohol problems for most of his life — he was close with both of parents and yet always found a reason to rebel in his schooling and then obviously later in life. The constant battle with heroin and cocaine was more or less the main underlying theme of the book. I thought it was captivating, yet at the same time, very sad to hear… The ins and outs of “life as a junkie” comes with a major price tag — he has had more injuries, near death experiences and run ins with the cops than most people will ever experience. He didn’t make it out as though it was something he was proud of, more, he wanted to get the truth out there — eliminate years and years of tabloid build up that needed to be put to an end. His real life, trust me, is tabloid worthy in of itself.

2) HOW IN THE WORLD he ended up snagging Patti Hansen as his wife and producing two STUNNING daughters is beside me. Patti played an integral and life changing role in Richard’s life — she was the first true love he actually had — while he had more romps than most people do in a life time, he felt no “instant attraction” to them. While things weren’t smooth sailing between Patti’s friends/family and Keith, he made it work and they have been together ever since. His two offspring from Patti are both put together, stunning women whom I would have never guessed in a lifetime were a result of Keith Richards, in any way shape or form. Sorry Keith, but it’s true. You’re a bit scary to look at.

3) Anita Pallenberg wins the award from being one of the most stunning women I have ever seen as a young adult? To being absolutely scary looking. Thank you heroin — for showing me what happens to people when they take hard…hardcore drugs. Most of the time Keith and Anita spent together –which encompassed many years of their lives, was full of drugs, physical and even mental abuse and overall disrespect by then end for one another. While Keith isn’t claiming he too wasn’t a junkie who made poor choices, he felt as though Anita was on a destructive life long path — aiming to bring everyone and anyone else down with her.

4) I never truly knew JUST had bad the relationship between Jagger and Richards was…. 20 years it’s been since the two have talked backstage before or after a performance. As Keith explained, it is more of a brother relationship than a friend. He knows that no matter how big the rift gets between the two, which trust me you find out is pretty damn large, they won’t ever totally disconnect. So in a way, it is really like a brother/brother relationship. I think how he portrays Jagger in the book is a bit harsh to be honest. Not like I know the man, but it is a brutally honest and raw portrait of his life long friend who helped him through many many cold turkeys and recoveries and then of course the relapses that followed.

My Perfect Dream Life

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Recently, I was asked what my ideal life would be when I’m older — I truthfully realized at that point that I move so fast and live such a day-by-day lifestyle, I really haven’t thought about it. Until now. I sat down for a good half hour this morning to compile a list of where I’d like to be come 15 years from now.


I want nothing more, down the road, to head out of the hectic NYC lifestyle and move to a more relaxed, less gridlock-ish city… San Francisco has and will always be one of those cities that just hit home for me. While I only spent a summer there, I do feel I left a part of my heart there (insert gagging I know). It’s just amazing weather, extremely unique shopping, people and restaurants. This is one of the many dream lofts I’d love to reside in. You know, real life and all.


I love Public Relations, which is my current profession and college degree — however I do love writing as much as I love showing off amazing clients. With that in mind, I’d clearly love to stay in the food and beverage industry but it would be unreal to be directing writers on a team/writing a bit myself. Sigh….


Ok so my mom and  I have had this idea in mind since I was a kid. I first wanted to open a Bed and Breakfast but she told me you’d have to wake up 7 days a week at 5am. Which I will pass on unless I am charging $1,000 per room per night. Then I’d gladly get my ass moving at 5am. We see our breakfast shop as being the social hang out — amazing no fuss food, warm environment and fun people. Count me in.


My old babysitter, Carly, was such a Dead Head and I totally wished to emulate her– minus the whole liking the Greatful Dead and all. She was so carefree and fun — her hubby down the road was very similar. Their baby, whom I must comment, is THE CUTEST kid I have ever seen? Is a total 2010 hippie kid. I literally want a baby just to dress them in tie dye and fringe.


Hello? Blogging is the most cathartic thing I do in my life. I am lucky to have a big following of people who actually think I’m entertaining? So they stick by me when I go on tangents — so I thank you all for that. 2008 seems so long ago, wow…. Anyway I want to continue blogging on my Apple until I can’t see the screen — that’s how old I will be when I stop writing.


Balaboosta — Review

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I have veered clear of writing about ALL of the restaurants I go to lately.. I think that stems from the fact that I am 1 of… well let’s be realstic here, 1,000,800 other people who blog and photograph at the restaurants that they frequent??

 I think for the sake of keeping my title as the “Restaurant Finder Guru” to my friends, I’ll stick to only posting reviews for restraunts that are out of this world… or at least A status in my book.

Balaboosta has been on the radar as an NYC Buzzworthy restaurant since the summer. I have wanted to go, but didn’t really find the right occasion for it. My parents finally came into the city for the first time this weekend since having moved here. We have our usual spots such as Craft, Trattoria D’el Arte, The Harrison,  Rosa Mexicano — so on and so forth. With that in mind, I thought I could try Balaboosta with my newly profound foodie parents.

I will say overall that the appetizers are THE HIGHLIGHT KNOCKOUTS of the dinner. Every appetizer we had/shared/devoured unbashfully was incredible. Literally. The entrees were so-so and the dessert was forgetable. I would absolutely hands down go with a group, order shit tons of appetizers and wine. Be done with it. 

Here were some highlights:

  • Crispy cauliflower with currants and pine nuts
  • Smoked Eggplant Bruschetta with herb & citrus salad, silan
  • Dave’s Grilled Pizza with carrot purée, caramelized onions, goat cheese & cilantro

The weaker dishes:

  • Orecchiette Pasta with wild mushrooms, sauteed kale, fresh ricotta, thyme & olive oil
  • Chicken Cooked “Under A Brick” with israeli couscous with dried apricots and green leeks, gremolata sauce
  • Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream

My Holiday 2010 Wish List

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I found this in NY Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide, which is ironic, because I tend to deliberatly NOT like anything that other people recommend I buy for fellow loved ones. How do you know what my hippie, free spirited, totally anti social mother would enjoy for the Holidays? A magenta floral nail file, NY Mag, is not one of them. Try again. They did woo me with this piece, which is actually custom made for the New York City Historical Center — priced under $50 dollars, amazing find. 


I first came across Marc’s work while living in Boston. One of my favorite local shops in Boston was called Mint Julep, great unique finds in that store. Two years ago I came across a wrap bracelet of his there, I literally have yet to take it off. I asked my mom for another one two years later — that’s saying something. Most of his bracelets range from mid $80’s – 150 which to be honest, is nothing for what type of quality and style you get from his pieces.  


Yup… have and will always been a devoted MJ fan. I think he falls off his fashion rocker sometimes, but nonetheless, he knows how to be kitchy, young and rebellious all at the same time. I think a lot of his Marc by Marc accessories are cheap shit, but sometimes, you spot a diamond in the rough. Yes, I just went there. I think a lot of his iPad covers and iPhone covers are very “Gorillaz” ish… very SoHo to say the least. I dig, MJ, I dig…. 



Hm… yes I do like animated films made by Pixar and Dreamworks. No, I don’t like little cute dogs or babies. I think it’s something about the political and adult undertones of these movies that has kept me an avid watcher for years and years. Shrek, in general, was never intended to solely be a “kid’s movie” — it had so many lines that were in fact aimed at adult viewers, not for the kids. I think the latest installments of both were the best and nailed the happy coffin closed for me on the best animated films made in my lifetime (thus far).  


When did I become obsessed with nail polishes you may ask? I think it began when I started my job working alongside 100+ other type A alpha women who had perfectly filed and polished nails every day of their lives. There is some sense of thrill, I will say, when you throw on random cool ass colors of nail polish. Like for instance, I am currently rocking OPI Gold shiny glittery laquer. Who cares if it’s gaudy and I’m sick of it in a day? That’s the magic of NAIL POLISH REMOVER my friends.


Ok, so this may look to you a lot like shoes you’d see on a hooker hosted up on Sunset Boulevard, but believe me… they’re so hot. I also love glitter during the holiday times and what a better way to spruce up um…. virtually every thing you wear? Then to throw on obnoxiously high, obnoxiously over the top shoes.

Spiderman Turn Off The Dark– Broadway Review

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Well, I will preface this review by stating that I am not in fact a big fan of comic books as a whole. I don’t have a longstanding appreciation for any such Spider/Bat/Super Man. With that in mind, I don’t know if I can really judge the substance of Spiderman Turn off the Dark on Broadway as well as someone who has and will always be a die hard Peter Parker fan.

I was fortunate enough to have gotten tickets to one of the first preview showings of the new Broadway show this past Saturday night. Having read EVERY New York Times article about how catastrophic both “acting” wise and “physical injury” wise the show has been rumored to be, I was skeptical to say the least.

I sat in the third row, which I came to find out very quickly, wasn’t the best spot to be when 100 pound metallic spider legs are about an inch from your freaking head. The show also dragged on for over THREE HOURS — I think even if there were no mess ups, no technical breaks throughout the show AND GOOD ACTING/SINGING, I would’ve been ready to leave come hour two.

Ok here were the upsides to the show:

  • Unbelieveably cool costumes — every character, even those you could barely detect in the back row, had extremely unique and out-of-this-world costumes
  • Really fun and interactive show in regards to the constant flying and battles taking place above your head
  • Interesting set that was never the same for the more 10 than minutes

The downsides:

  • Out of the 65 million spent on the show, 1 million must have been spent on casting the entire ensemble; it was SO poorly cast that I sat there in utter disbelief
  • They should have allocated some of the funds to casting whom they originally wanted for the role of Mary Jane, and that was Evan Rachel Wood
  • The main character, Peter Parker, whomever he is in real life should stick to another profession –singing and acting is not his strong suit, James Marsden would have been a hell of a lot more ideal
  • The music could have been good, because U2 is very talented, but the singing ruined it — quite frankly