My Holiday 2010 Wish List

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I found this in NY Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide, which is ironic, because I tend to deliberatly NOT like anything that other people recommend I buy for fellow loved ones. How do you know what my hippie, free spirited, totally anti social mother would enjoy for the Holidays? A magenta floral nail file, NY Mag, is not one of them. Try again. They did woo me with this piece, which is actually custom made for the New York City Historical Center — priced under $50 dollars, amazing find. 


I first came across Marc’s work while living in Boston. One of my favorite local shops in Boston was called Mint Julep, great unique finds in that store. Two years ago I came across a wrap bracelet of his there, I literally have yet to take it off. I asked my mom for another one two years later — that’s saying something. Most of his bracelets range from mid $80’s – 150 which to be honest, is nothing for what type of quality and style you get from his pieces.  


Yup… have and will always been a devoted MJ fan. I think he falls off his fashion rocker sometimes, but nonetheless, he knows how to be kitchy, young and rebellious all at the same time. I think a lot of his Marc by Marc accessories are cheap shit, but sometimes, you spot a diamond in the rough. Yes, I just went there. I think a lot of his iPad covers and iPhone covers are very “Gorillaz” ish… very SoHo to say the least. I dig, MJ, I dig…. 



Hm… yes I do like animated films made by Pixar and Dreamworks. No, I don’t like little cute dogs or babies. I think it’s something about the political and adult undertones of these movies that has kept me an avid watcher for years and years. Shrek, in general, was never intended to solely be a “kid’s movie” — it had so many lines that were in fact aimed at adult viewers, not for the kids. I think the latest installments of both were the best and nailed the happy coffin closed for me on the best animated films made in my lifetime (thus far).  


When did I become obsessed with nail polishes you may ask? I think it began when I started my job working alongside 100+ other type A alpha women who had perfectly filed and polished nails every day of their lives. There is some sense of thrill, I will say, when you throw on random cool ass colors of nail polish. Like for instance, I am currently rocking OPI Gold shiny glittery laquer. Who cares if it’s gaudy and I’m sick of it in a day? That’s the magic of NAIL POLISH REMOVER my friends.


Ok, so this may look to you a lot like shoes you’d see on a hooker hosted up on Sunset Boulevard, but believe me… they’re so hot. I also love glitter during the holiday times and what a better way to spruce up um…. virtually every thing you wear? Then to throw on obnoxiously high, obnoxiously over the top shoes.


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