Life by Keith Richards — Book Review

In Uncategorized on December 20, 2010 at 8:38 pm

I will start out by saying I’m not a massive Rolling Stones fan — which is somewhat shocking after having picked my book of the month to be “Life” by the one and only Keith Richards. I guess what got me hooked from beginning to end with this autobiography is Richard’s raw honesty and ability to say exactly what he felt/ what he did/why he did it — if there was a reason for his actions, that is….

Here are a few things that popped out at me after having read the book:

1) Richards has no real underlying reasons as to why he’s battled severe drug and alcohol problems for most of his life — he was close with both of parents and yet always found a reason to rebel in his schooling and then obviously later in life. The constant battle with heroin and cocaine was more or less the main underlying theme of the book. I thought it was captivating, yet at the same time, very sad to hear… The ins and outs of “life as a junkie” comes with a major price tag — he has had more injuries, near death experiences and run ins with the cops than most people will ever experience. He didn’t make it out as though it was something he was proud of, more, he wanted to get the truth out there — eliminate years and years of tabloid build up that needed to be put to an end. His real life, trust me, is tabloid worthy in of itself.

2) HOW IN THE WORLD he ended up snagging Patti Hansen as his wife and producing two STUNNING daughters is beside me. Patti played an integral and life changing role in Richard’s life — she was the first true love he actually had — while he had more romps than most people do in a life time, he felt no “instant attraction” to them. While things weren’t smooth sailing between Patti’s friends/family and Keith, he made it work and they have been together ever since. His two offspring from Patti are both put together, stunning women whom I would have never guessed in a lifetime were a result of Keith Richards, in any way shape or form. Sorry Keith, but it’s true. You’re a bit scary to look at.

3) Anita Pallenberg wins the award from being one of the most stunning women I have ever seen as a young adult? To being absolutely scary looking. Thank you heroin — for showing me what happens to people when they take hard…hardcore drugs. Most of the time Keith and Anita spent together –which encompassed many years of their lives, was full of drugs, physical and even mental abuse and overall disrespect by then end for one another. While Keith isn’t claiming he too wasn’t a junkie who made poor choices, he felt as though Anita was on a destructive life long path — aiming to bring everyone and anyone else down with her.

4) I never truly knew JUST had bad the relationship between Jagger and Richards was…. 20 years it’s been since the two have talked backstage before or after a performance. As Keith explained, it is more of a brother relationship than a friend. He knows that no matter how big the rift gets between the two, which trust me you find out is pretty damn large, they won’t ever totally disconnect. So in a way, it is really like a brother/brother relationship. I think how he portrays Jagger in the book is a bit harsh to be honest. Not like I know the man, but it is a brutally honest and raw portrait of his life long friend who helped him through many many cold turkeys and recoveries and then of course the relapses that followed.


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