What Gets Me Through The Winter — Food and Beverage Edition

In Uncategorized on December 23, 2010 at 6:56 pm


I just can’t get enough… Like French Onion Soup on a menu, it’s just one appetizer I will NOT be able to turn down. It’s warm, hearty, comforting, full of various textures — as you can tell? I’m stark mad for chili. I try to make it myself… countless times I have tried, and it never comes close to restaurant made chili – I can’t figure out why. Who cares, I’ll stick to forking out dollah bills for it for the time being.


My mom is actually a wonderful cook — one of her best dishes, which is so easy in actuality is “Chicken Under a Brick”… I grew up seeing my mom wrap a literal big ass brick in tin foil and lay it on top of chicken breasts until cooked fully through. It wasn’t until later in life, when at restaurants browing the menus, I came across Chicken Under a Brick again. I think my mom’s is personally my favorite still, even though I will admit to having tried my fair share while dining out as well.


While I personally have yet to master the art of Lasagna making? I have NEVER once been let down by my family and or friend’s home made meat or veggie lasagna dishes. It brings me back to my cross country years when we would have a CARBO LOAD dinner the night before every race. The best and fastest to be gone dishes at the pasta parties were hands down the lasagnas.


OK this is ACTUALLY a dish I am rather good at… I love garlic bread. Heavy on the garlic. I want to be eating whole cloves pretty much. I also love it with butter, EVOO, salt, pepper, parmesan. It is what keeps every little kid AND want to still be kid happy at the dinner table. If you come across someone who doesn’t enjoy every second of garlic bread consuming? Let me know, I’ll have a little chat with them.


You can’t have a happy winter without some solid corn bread. And you can’t have some solid corn bread without creamy sweet honey. It just isn’t possible. I love good old Jiffy mix. Never lets me down. I could pair the corn bread, like I am “supposed to” with the chili, but corn bread (if made right) is too delectable to eat with other interferences.


Sigh…. I have AT LEAST one cup of hot chocolate a day…. year round. I am such a big hot chocolate fan. I don’t like nibbling on pieces of chocolate, so instead I get my daily fix by making a hot cup of it with marshmallows if the mood so strikes. I prefer my classy Swiss Miss over store made ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.


What screams winter beverage MORE than hot apple cider? You know what makes cider even better? Spiking it — you know me at this point. It’s a wonderful winter drink — I even had an Apple Cider Martini recently at Trestle on Tenth in Chelsea… it was delish.


My mom special ordered them at ACME when I was a kid — she also would more or less hide them so I couldn’t steal her own personal night time treat. She underestimated me, clearly. I have loved them forever and ever. They are even more enjoyable when you know they are only on the shelves for the winter months.


I love apples… I love warm apples… I love crumbly goodness on top of that. Who wouldn’t like apple crumble dessert? I love having the first spoonful and then passing it along to others to share with me. It’s heavy but so delicious and worth every bite.


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