One Day — Book Review

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I have to admit — I bought and began reading One Day by David Nicholls months ago right when the hype picked up but I didn’t fall for it immediately. After giving it one more go, I started and finished the amazing book in a course of two days — both work days mind you.

Emma, the ho hum main character shares the spotlight in this novel with her cocky narcassitic counterpart Dexter. The two characters could not be more different from one another — Emma was known for her book smarts, feminist beliefs and school girl appearance. Her personality traits didn’t veer far from — always uncertain of her own intelligence and looks she was never one to approach men or have confidence to believe that those with whom approached her, actually had good intentions. Dexter, who most certainly was not the brightest bulb in the shed, believed in free love, rebellion and the need to enjoy life rather than hit the books.

The two characters met after the night of their graduation from University. One stupid, drunken night and the decisions and lives they sculpted for themselves following that infamous night make up the entirety of this novel.

The chapters, which documented every July 15th starting from 1988-2007, described the lives of both Emma and Dexter and the ways in which they became interwoven and then unwound… many times over.

Life can throw you curveballs, which it most certainly did for both Emma and Dexter.

Emma, having moved from mindless job to mindless job, struggled with the constant feeling of discontent with never being married or having children like all of her other friends. She also was stuck in a rut — aware that her job at the local Taco shop wasn’t her ultimate goal, her true ambition to write professionally was constantly disregarded by her own lack of confidence. The spuratic loves that did come in and out of her life were forgettable at best, most of the time ending with a broken heart on their end.

Dexter, was unlike Emma in every way possible. His character was self righteous, fleeting with all of those with whom cared about him and aware that his good looks were able to wheel women in — women, many many women over the course of his life. The downfall of his life quite frankly encompassed most of his prescence within the novel — his inability to ever truly push himself into commital relationships or to take a step further than the rest in his television and production careers landed him in serious drug and alcohol oblivion for the majority of the book.

The story totally captivated me for it depicts two totally relatable characters and how their lives would rise and fall — sometimes when they were together, other times when they weren’t but wish they were. The ways in which you’re truly destined to be with someone regardless of the hardships and twists your life may take shows through is the underlying theme of the novel and one that will stay with me for quite a while.

A movie has been made for One Day, starring Anne Hathaway– due to debut sometime in 2011. I don’t know if this has been released yet or not but I just figured, unfortunately, she’d land the role if a movie ever came out — a bit too predictable of casting for me to be honest but I’m sure I’ll see it either way.


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