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Things That Make Me Happy

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I want a dog… I love dogs. Well, let me back track here for a minute. I want a dog and I love the CONCEPT of having a dog. I just can’t seem to mentally accept the 6am dog walks in the blistering cold or the sweaty hot nights coming back from work, knowing I need to wait for my dog to finish their “duties.” Perhaps for now I will just keep looking at very adorable pictures of French Bulldogs, maybe go so far as to pretend one’s mine… name it, put it as my phone wallpaper — only difference? No morning clean ups or bedroom accidents. That sounds much more appealing in my book, no?


Similar to me wanting a dog, when I look at kids dressing better than I, I can’t but want to snatch one up and bring them home with me… Again, the whole cleaning up after them & the morning wailing isn’t where I am at this point in my life. Perhaps that maternal gene will click (let’s hope) come 30-35. If not, again I may have to resort to the whole “godmother role” — carrying various nicely dressed kid’s photos around of friends of mine that don’t mind the morning cries & accidents.


While I own far too many pairs of shoes for a girl my age… and an annual salary not allotted for such a habit, I still have yet to purchase Toms. My lack of Toms in my shoe closet makes me sad solely because they are truly one of the most philanthropic brands out there — donating one pair of shoes for each pair sold. You can’t get much more philanthropic than that — also, by allocating your shoe funds to Toms as opposed to Nike, you’re truly helping to stop the cruelty and unfair work condition/lifestyles that Nike inflicts upon their workers.


How many more times can I blog about my adoration for this city? I love NYC, don’t get me wrong (as I stare out of my apartment and see the Empire). I just think there is something to be said for a much more culturally diverse city — with diversity brings so many different personalities and mindsets. Being in Manhattan, it’s so easy to be like everyone else… hailing from the Northeast usually, with a few dollars in your pocket — having done any and every internship to make it to the most competitive city in the country. I do feel, sometimes, it’s refreshing to take a morning run and see homeless people… or go out to a bar and come across vegans, herbivore, red meat lovers — all the like. The weather also is damn nicer than the past 22 years spent in Boston, New York and New Jersey. One day SF….. One day.


My best friend from college, Ally, was always the domestic one of the two. I still to this day, throw anything on a bed that’s comfortable and hope it looks ok. I also, until last month, hadn’t put up one photograph and or piece of decor up in my apartment bedroom…. I moved in last July.  Something, however, just fascinates me about modern architecture  — I skim through books upon books at STRAND of amazingly designed homes. My style in essence is very bare boned — with natural wood and a lot of open spaces. Lofts, to me, are so sexy — it takes such a skill to turn a smaller house into the most coveted in a big city.


I hate the fact that out of all of the people I have in my life, only 10% give or take, enjoy watching scary movies. This 10% does NOT include boys who took me on dates to see scary flicks only because I mentioned I love them and they “did as well.” I think the more psychological movies aren’t my bag — I’m not spending my three hours of spare time a day to have to think about the ins and outs of a killers mind. With that in mind, show me stupid women in white shirts & fake breasts running up down the stairs. Show me killers walk not run and somehow end up catching up to the people sprinting for their lives. Maybe some popcorn too? Not necessary though.


Am I a wine snob? Nope. Do I have the fundamental understanding of wine and the variations and the process for which it is made? Yes, yes I do. I love wine — and the ironic part about that fact is that, when you’re 17 years old & scouring through your parents liquor cabinet, the LAST thing you want to pick up is a nice bottle of 1985 Merlot. Now? I’d guzzle the whole bottle in it’s entirety right then and there. I am not a red only or white only kind of person either — I am “open to all shapes and sizes.” My personal favorites, if I HAD to pick, would be Chardonnay, Malbecs, Sauvignon Blanc and Rieslings when I want to feel all bubbly and happy inside.

So… I Guess I Still Tune Into The Jersey Shore

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I won’t deny it any longer… I still do find sheer joy when plopping down on my couch and unintentionally finding an episode of the Jersey Shore on MTV.

Overall, do I feel as though this season was vastly different from the rest? Not whatsoever, but I will say nonetheless, I very much enjoyed it.

THE BOYS OF THE JERSEY SHORE — Minus Ronnie Who Isn’t Allow to Be Included

 Situation —  I think that after his initial horrifically embarrassing introduction onto the show when it aired, he hasn’t done anything to necessarily bother me. Surprisingly enough. He had a lot of “sex” and by “sex” I am referring to the three-minute long romps he has with drunk girls with whom he snatched up from Karma. After their shock at both the size and the motion of Mike’s ocean, no one… even grenades, stay for breakfast.

Pauly D — Other than his EXTREMELY OUT-OF-NOWHERE freak out in the beginning of the season, he has and continues to be my favorite character on the show. He is never bringing drama into the house, STD’s into the bedrooms and manages to make everyone laugh even when beds are being thrown and prescription glasses are getting cracked. I think out of any of them, there is hope for normalcy when Pauly finally reaches adulthood and chucks all 3,000 bottles of hairspray and gels he has in his medicine cabinet.

Vinny– I just can’t read him. I find him hot at times and at other points throughout the season I wanted to just throw him into the disease-infested hot tub with Snooki to see what would happen. The Snooki/ Vinny love “situation” never fleshed out so his recent attempt for a one night stand with Deena’s friend shouldn’t have been cock-blocked. Even I agree with him on that cat fight. I will say, however, the closeness he has with his family is adorable and I’d love nothing more than to be invited one time to a dinner party of 15 … consisting of of chicken parmesans, fried mozzarella and endless boxed wine, courtesy of Cavit wines.

“RONNIEANDSAM” – Yes, I intentionally didn’t separate their pathetic names  

 What more can we all POSSIBLY say to one another about this couple that hasn’t been said…. at least a million times over? I think Season One I liked them as a couple… didn’t necessarily think it was down-the-aisle potential, but the show need to have that one couple to bring the diversity of all relationship types to the table. What MTV didn’t realize at that point, however, was what came with that decision — unbelievably, never-ending, frustrating and down right annoying relationship drama between the two cast members. I think by the end of this season I decided that if I saw EITHER of those humans while back at home in Atlantic City, New Jersey I’d make it a point to jump and their backs and beat them with my little fists until that is, I get the shit beat out of me … from both of them I’m sure. They are THE MOST VOLATILE COUPLE ON TELEVISION and if after you’re chucked off your own moving bed which is then relocated to the outside deck alongside all of your broken posessions and you STILL return back to someone? You need to be in a cell… for a while… a very, very, VERY small isolated cell.


You know what? I love both of these ladies. Why you may ask? Because they’re silly and unapologetic… perhaps too much so, but regardless, they make NO apologies for what they do. Snooki, let’s take as a for instance, loves to pee and poop in bushes while at clubs.. she also like to perform cartwheels in skin-tight leopard dresses FAR too awkwardly tight to begin with. Deena, the most recent addition the show, brings for the most part the “bro” girl of the group. She can get down with the boys and likes to mack it with the ladies every now and again. I also love how reliable they are — you know, you can ALWAYS find them on the boardwalk at the socially inappropriate time of 11AM downing shots from scantily clad gay men. Just saying. It’ s nice to know they’re predictable.


J Woww stands alone in my book, not that I thinks she reigns supreme, but more that she is not in any of the cliques within the house. Her and her boobs are in their own exclusive little club. She has such a banging body — I can’t get over it. I see her, drunk at 3 am with Rodger in the living room, S & M attire in full view and I can’t help but think how good she looks. I know her boobs were paid for, but so what? Her flat perfect stomach was not, that’s for sure. Jersey Shore doesn’t pay THAT well.


My Latest Spring Purchases… And No, I Don’t Regret A Thing

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I tried on these Sam Edelman loafers in the frenzy/ hellish zoo that was Lord and Taylor’s…. on a Saturday in March… during a sale of course I was unaware of. Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size so I ordered them but these are THE MOST comfortable/stylish loafers I’ve put on my little tootsies in quite some time. It makes any work outfit or weekend brunch with friends outfit a bit dressier. I feel a bit like a Newport, RI resident in these shoes… and I don’t hate it.


At Salon AKS last week, my long-time hair salon in the city, I came across a brand of nail polish I’ve definitely come across before and have in the past admired. Deborah Lippmann is hands down a new nail polish line to look out for. HOT and trendy shades, definitely recommend a lighter yellow, purple, pink shade.


So I’ve been eyeing nude pumps for MONTHS now… after narrowing it down to a few select pairs, I wound up with Nine West’s rustic nude pump for the spring. They are deceptively hot — you look at them and they look as though they’ve been your favorite pair of heels for years which in this case? Is oddly hot and not shabby. I didn’t want the bright shiny patent leather ones — I felt a bit too bowling alley-ish in those, so I think these were a much better fit.


Ok. I will confess. While I hate the act of physical shopping? I love purchasing and browsing all MICHAEL Michael Kors heels — whether it be his winter collection or his spring, he is just a genius in the shoe department. I remember a pair of lucite/wedges I bought of his a few years back.. I wore them SO much? My mom threw them out while I went out for a run. Damn you mom. Anyway, these are ridiculously comfortable (the cushy sole is the key) and so hot — a shoe that looks this good but that allows you to walk more than one city avenue? Is a keeper in my mind.


Reminiscent of Breakfast at Tiffany’s — this color is one of the hot spring trend nail polish colors. I can’t say it is very “versatile” by any means but if you’re headed away on a romantic warm weather vaca or even in the mood to pretend your cubicle is San Tropez? Buy this shade and be instantly happier — trust me.


I don’t like animals for the most part and I most definitely don’t have a love for snakes but these snake inspired wrap rings just had me hooked. I got mine at ABC Home Furnishings — sounds odd but if you haven’t been you can’t judge. They have THE MOST INSANELY unique jewelry lines there. This ring is for example so unique — mine actually is adorned with an onyx stone where the snake’s head should be — so hot. Damn.


Once trying on this dress, I literally knew I could NOT leave it behind. From the hot cream eyelet swatch to the amazing zip up bow in the back? I had to have it. I will say, however, the fact that Juicy STILL PRODUCED VELOUR AND TERRY CLOTH TRACK SUITS make me question me giving their company my money. I would like to personally burn each and every jumpsuit in the US that unfortunately is still a relatively popular purchase for Long Island moms.


I wasn’t able to find the color of this dress I purchased, which sucks, so I will do the best I can to rave about a dress/color you aren’t able to visualize. The Nanette Lapore 2011 spring dress, which I purchased in a beautiful stone grey, is called the “Work-A-Holic” dress and boy is it spot on with the customer who is purchasing it, that’s for damn sure.


I feel so much like an Austin Power’s Femme Bot in this skirt but it’s extremely ideal for the trendy PR work setting I find myself in 5 days a week. I love it tucked in with a short black sleeve and black blazer. You can also definitely wear it with a hot colored blouse and pumps out on the weekend. Very versatile very hot.

The Things March Brings

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There’s not a whole lot more rewarding than walking through a major square or random street in Manhattan and coming across a  farmers market. In our Northeastern minds? It’s a big ass sign, WARMTH IS ON ITS WAY! I love farmers markets for a few reasons – – they promote the use of local farmers, produce is guaranteed fresh and the individual stands are amazingly specialized. You’re bound to never go wrong with your food picks. The cheese stands for instance are so  passionate at producing high grade cheeses, you know you’re in great hands.


I have to confess — I have been a closet Adele fan for years now. I think her soulfoul belting is far more impressive than mostly all other female singers her age. She is passionate, emotional and heartbreaking to listen to at times. Her latest album just recently debuted, Adele 21, knocked every other competitor album out of the water. Insanely good CD. From more pop-worthy MTV songs, “Rollin’ In The Deep” to “I Fell For A Boy”, a song much more suited for a live, acoustic performance.  The album is flawless and the perfect CD to bring me into a happy March mood.


At first, I was a bit apprehensive about the new nude look for fingernails. I worried my nails would blend in with my hands but to my surprise? I love the new look. I don’t think I will be using “SHATTER” cracked looking nail polish any time soon (not exactly work appropriate), however, the nude I can definitely roll with. I used both Essie and OPI’s Spring 2011 nude colors? Highly recomend both.


What’s better than eating vegetables that are in season? Both brussel sprouts and cauliflower are in their prime March/ April. Instead of incorporating them in an ordinary manner, such as sauteeing or sprinkling some bacon with the sprouts, I suggest something a bit more uncoventional. Lately, I have been seeing heavy rotations of “gratins” — in all shapes and forms. Brussel sprout and cauliflower gratins look better than potato gratin in my opinion and more nutrition heavy.


Sure I’m plugging Jameson a bit here, but I really have in all honestly grown to love this drink. Enough with the cold weather inspired cocktails — i.e. Hot Toddy’s and Spiked Hot Chocolates. It’s time for some lighter drinks — even if you’re not a fan of harder alcohol, Sangria with fresh fruit would be an ideal thing to start brewing up come end of March beginning of April. Nothing says a lovely night of blacking out with your closest friends when you serve a big ol’ jug of home brewed Sangria. Anyone with me on that one?


I really don’t like rain. Come to think of it? I hate rain. It’s very dibilitating. Snow I can handle, you can still walk… run in need be…. shop in the snow. Unless it’s a massive blizzard that is (cough, remember two months ago? I do). Rain isn’t something I look forward to walking in on my 30 minute commute, but I have come across an A-mazing umbrella, created by Totes that helps solve my rainy blues. It’s a massive honker — encompassing most of the city street with its clear protective shield, but I don’t care. I’d rather “accidentally” knock a few walkers off the sidewalk then get soaking wet before it hits 9AM. Harsh? Perhaps. Logical? Absoutely.


I’m not Irish. I’m somewhat Scottish and Russian. Even though I don’t have any real reason to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day? I do. Like I hope being not celebrating Passover enjoy making Matzoh Brie. A girl can only hope right? I think there is something so authentic with Irish Soda Bread. While I hear or… shall I say “rumor has it” Irish Soda Bread is not in fact really an Irish tradition? I will close my ears to that nonsense and enjoy the bread. In addition to the bread, I have unfortunately dabbled in another S.P.D. tradition very often — Irish Car Bombs. May I suggest no one ALIVE do these unless forced to by older member of your greek organization?

AND I’m Back- Where You’ve Seen Me Lately

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I don’t like the word “hiatus” whatsoever. I think, in this situation at least, work/exhaustion/Apple hijacking my computer have all contributed to my lack of posting and for that? I am very sorry. Have you missed me?

I thought I’d summarize my comings and goings with a “Where I’ve Been Lately” post… get you up to speed with both professional and pleasurable escapades of mine. Enjoy.


I can finally report on Eataly… only took me what? Four months? As long as you go, let’s see here…. between the hours of 9-11 on an off Wednesday night? You’ll be just fine. I do see, all kidding aside, why it is such a highly coveted market in the city now. It’s incredible — from the fresh Papardelle pasta I purchased to the samples of Caramelized Onion Foccoccia bread? Everything was spot on. SPOT on. Maybe my only suggestion would be to offer a lot more tomato sauces — fresh just bottled jars of it would’ve been ideal.


So Jon and I went on a mission after having watched, “FOOD WARS: NYC PIZZA” to try all four contestants. We have only so far made it to Patsy’s, but have Grimaldi’s and a few others still to cover. We loved the crispy crust and the garlic (add-on) but the cheese wasn’t as fresh as you’d assume it would be. I think it get a plus for having been wood oven baked lending to it’s delicious crust, I just wish the cheese which is the essential component of a pizza was a bit more fresh and tastier.


Sure it’s awful spending a lot of money on healthy food but sometimes you luck out and find places that offer you an entirely nutritious, filling AND inexpensive meal. The Pump Food is somewhat like a buffet style dining — you pick your base, proteins and add ins. There are also, a personal favorite of mine, seasonal vegetables added onto the menus… One of my favorite recent seasonal vegetables was the Curried Cauliflower. Everything is fresh and “what you see is what you’re eating” which I love.


Love this place so much, took a few of my editor friends here a couple of weeks ago. It is an IDEAL restaurant for parties of any dietary constrictions — vegan, vegetarian, kosher, meat eater, dieter? Josie’s caters to it all. I love all of their dishes that include chicken, but everyone suggests the Tofu and the Veggie Burger — so I will suggest to you all as well.


So…. the first thing I realized when at a supposedly Jewish deli was the HEAVY incorporation of bacon into the menu – aka it wasn’t really a Jewish deli. A bit of a bummer but decent food. The Tuna Melt, one of their signature dishes alongside the Pastrami sandwich, was good? But a bit too mushy and mayonaisey for my liking — it could have used for less mush and more textures and consistencies. The “pickles” instead of a bread basket also just didn’t fly for me with this place. The pickles looked deranged and coming from ONE HELL of a pickle fan? That’s saying a lot.