AND I’m Back- Where You’ve Seen Me Lately

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I don’t like the word “hiatus” whatsoever. I think, in this situation at least, work/exhaustion/Apple hijacking my computer have all contributed to my lack of posting and for that? I am very sorry. Have you missed me?

I thought I’d summarize my comings and goings with a “Where I’ve Been Lately” post… get you up to speed with both professional and pleasurable escapades of mine. Enjoy.


I can finally report on Eataly… only took me what? Four months? As long as you go, let’s see here…. between the hours of 9-11 on an off Wednesday night? You’ll be just fine. I do see, all kidding aside, why it is such a highly coveted market in the city now. It’s incredible — from the fresh Papardelle pasta I purchased to the samples of Caramelized Onion Foccoccia bread? Everything was spot on. SPOT on. Maybe my only suggestion would be to offer a lot more tomato sauces — fresh just bottled jars of it would’ve been ideal.


So Jon and I went on a mission after having watched, “FOOD WARS: NYC PIZZA” to try all four contestants. We have only so far made it to Patsy’s, but have Grimaldi’s and a few others still to cover. We loved the crispy crust and the garlic (add-on) but the cheese wasn’t as fresh as you’d assume it would be. I think it get a plus for having been wood oven baked lending to it’s delicious crust, I just wish the cheese which is the essential component of a pizza was a bit more fresh and tastier.


Sure it’s awful spending a lot of money on healthy food but sometimes you luck out and find places that offer you an entirely nutritious, filling AND inexpensive meal. The Pump Food is somewhat like a buffet style dining — you pick your base, proteins and add ins. There are also, a personal favorite of mine, seasonal vegetables added onto the menus… One of my favorite recent seasonal vegetables was the Curried Cauliflower. Everything is fresh and “what you see is what you’re eating” which I love.


Love this place so much, took a few of my editor friends here a couple of weeks ago. It is an IDEAL restaurant for parties of any dietary constrictions — vegan, vegetarian, kosher, meat eater, dieter? Josie’s caters to it all. I love all of their dishes that include chicken, but everyone suggests the Tofu and the Veggie Burger — so I will suggest to you all as well.


So…. the first thing I realized when at a supposedly Jewish deli was the HEAVY incorporation of bacon into the menu – aka it wasn’t really a Jewish deli. A bit of a bummer but decent food. The Tuna Melt, one of their signature dishes alongside the Pastrami sandwich, was good? But a bit too mushy and mayonaisey for my liking — it could have used for less mush and more textures and consistencies. The “pickles” instead of a bread basket also just didn’t fly for me with this place. The pickles looked deranged and coming from ONE HELL of a pickle fan? That’s saying a lot.

  1. So glad you’re enjoying the curried cauliflower. We’re currently testing our spring vegetables and will be rolling those out next month or in early May.

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