Favorite Movies I Miss and Must Re-Watch Soon

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I really don’t like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Come to think of it, I actually have grown more of a hatred for her after she enlisted in the new very lame show “Ghost Whisperer”. Like, realistically, in Hollywood how desperate does one have to be to sign up for a show called Ghost Whisperer? Anyway, Ethan Embry steals the show in this movie. I also love and hate Seth Green’s character — he was the biggest wigger portrayed in a movie during the 90’s. He was so confident in his head that he was in fact black? That no amount of laughter or back handed joking could convince him otherwise. Melissa Joan Hart, like Jennifer Love, should’ve been thrown into the big pools that were featured throughout the flick. Useless as a witch AND in movies. 


Come on, everyone loves this movie. I know it’s not “THE MOST INNOVATIVE” pick but who cares? I dig it. I think the least amusing character had to be the spoiled bitch, played by Molly Ringwald. Unfortunately she inherited nothing from the character she emulated — she is not well known nor is she emulated by anyone. Sad but that’s life right? I think the chick who mashed her food together into the most crazy sandwich and was a kleptomaniac hands down won the award for being the MOST badass. 


I can’t not include this movie into the mix – I just remember watching this movie so many goddamn times in a row that it almost burned and fizzled out on me – and remember folks, it was in VHS format. Yes, it can actually happen. I used to watch this movie with my old babysitter Sharon – ironically enough Sharon Stone starred in this movie – I think it was just one of those movies you think back on and wonder how you would’ve handled the adventures of being a babysitter any differently than Sharon Stone had… hmm, I’m still pondering.


From the moment I saw this movie in its entirety for the first time until now, I can whole heartedly say I am obsessed with Pulp Fiction. Do I think Travolta is a fox in this movie? Um, no very far from. Something, however, draws me to it — the dynamic between Travolta and Samuel Jackson just clicks and is realistic and raw. The scene in which Uma Therman foams from the mouth after accidentally polishing off a speedball is the most memorable part of the movie, hands down. The knife resurrection isn’t too bad of a scene either. 


Matthew Broderick wasn’t just a celebrity in the 80’s early 90’s, he was ‘My Soulmate’. I’d spend hours just gazing at him in Ferris Bueller. Maybe it was the rebellious attitude? Maybe it was the unforgettable dance scene in the middle of a busy street? Who knows, all I know is that he has yet to unfortunately find a role as memorable as Ferris Bueller. He has, however, married Carrie from SATC – yes I know her name of course but it’s not as cool to say Sarah Jessica, it’s just not – face the facts. 


While writing this post, my guy roommate confessed, like many others I know, to not having watched Titanic in its entirety — I can’t help but judge him a bit. This movie was THE essential go-to flick of the 90’s. It was traumatizing, endlessly and hopelessly romantic and most of all, based on a true story. I just love Leo, I do. I loved him way before this movie when he starred in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and I continued to adore him in this movie. The most memorable scene, OF COURSE, is the steamy and we mean steamy sex scene (has that ever been confirmed??!!) in the back of the idle car in the parking garage floor on the boat. UM, if I ended up clinging for my life with a steamy and sweaty hand in the back of an old non moving car with Leonardo DiCaprio? I personally wouldn’t give two shits if the boat did in fact end up drowning, I know you all agree with me. 


I’m sorry but no movie has come along since Dirty Dancing that’s swept me off my feet as much as this movie has. I will forever hold this movie near and dear to my heart — I danced, I felt the passion Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze had for one offer, in a nutshell? I simply adore this movie. I think one of the best parts of Dirty Dancing is the fact that years and years later you can re-watch and find hidden undertones and or lines you didn’t get when you were 10 let’s give a for instance. I will for sure be passing this movie… VHS… DVD… WHATEVER onto my children. It just can’t be replaced. 


Again, I say, this movie is a classic but not one that everyone would automatically assume which makes it special in my book. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Renee was actually normal and hot not a sucker punched dried up actress, Ethan Embry as per usual is adorable and happens to be a huge stoner in this movie. I also love Liv Tyler’s pill popping character — especially the break down scene similar to the one Jesse had on Saved By The Bell. I’d love for someone to open any one of my ten purses and pick out some bottle of prescription meds and shake me really hard. I’m more than happy to share with others — share the love, that’s what life is all about right?


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