Where You’ve Seen Me – The Start to My Summer 2011 Excursions

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Bocca Di Bacco

This Hells Kitchen Italian spot has been on my “foodie to do list” since I moved to the city last summer. My, time flies. The wooden oak barrels lining the walls, the endless wine bottles featured in the window made this restaurant extremely alluring to me. Unfortunately, the experience I had at Bocca Di Bacco with my mom, was less than memorable. I loved the dishes, however, the service was totally unreliable and really ruined the experience. We pretty much had to re-mention and re-order our dinners. I will say, however, my entree which was a Baked Scallop dish with light Tomato-Herb sauce, was very delicious.

Friend Of A Farmer

While it’s been over a year give or take since my last trip to Friend of a Farmer, I can’t help but sigh with happiness when I think about my most recent trip to the restaurant. I had the Minestrone/ Vegetable soup to start which came out in a fun couldron, then I ate this UNREAL blackened Grilled Chicken entree which sounds SO dull but in my life, I have never had such an amazingly seasoned piece of chicken in my life.

Social Eatz

Great work, Angelo! My colleagues and I love this new finger food friendly lunch spot in Midtown East. I recommend the Hanoi Burger since that seemed to be the overall hands down favorite within my Food and Bev team — the burger comes with ground beef with mint, lemongrass, cilantro and red onion topped with lettuce and served with a chili mayo and a sweet onion jam. I, personally, loved the Fish Tacos – out of this world I tell you.

Brandy Library

For a recent The Glenlivet tasting event, we stopped at the good ol’ Brandy Library. I have been once or twice before, yet it seems to only get better with age — how ironic. I love the upstairs section with cozy couches a bar and brandy galore. Downstairs is also equally as enjoyable with dimly lit lighting and a more quiet intiate environment.

Crocodile Lounge

Yes, this is a dive bar — but one that serves you an entire pie of pizza every time you order a beer, so that makes it UBER cool to me. I loved the pizza to be quite honest, it wasn’t fancy or full of grease it was simplistic oven-baked cheap NYC pizza — and it was free! I think the bar itself isn’t the ideallll place to meet your soon-to-be hubby or wife, however, it is definitely a fun spot wiht a bunch of your friends later in the night when you’re craving pizza but maybe not up for spending any money on such a thing.

Monster Sushi

I’m probably THE most boring person to go eat sushi with — luckily my boyfriend likes me and my brother has to just deal. I am a very simplistic non-adventourous sushi eater. I stick to my oh-so-typical Chicken Teryaki in addition to the occasional sashimi and or California roll. My dinner and my boyfriend’s sushi rolls at our recent trip to Monster Sushi were incredibly fresh and delicious — very inexpensive to boot. While there are FAR TOO MANY sushi options in the city, I suggest you try this one at least once.

Cafe Asellina in The Gansevoort Hotel

We stumbled upon Cafe Asellina after a fun night out partying last weekend and may I comment that the brunch we had was UNBELIEVABLE. I had an Egg White Frittata with Baked Parmesan on top, stewed fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and asaparagus. WOW. Jon got Italian Toast with Ricotta and caramelized pears — similiar to french toast but a bit more refined of a taste.

  1. Where is Crocodile Lounge? Any bar that serves free pizza with beer must be kept in the back of my mind for future nights when I’m out in NYC haha!

  2. your blogging makes everything (even high heels) look delicious. great work! keep shocking us w/your discoveries.

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