The Interesting Tidbits That Make Me…. Me.

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 I wear high heels on most occasions to boost my confidence (while killing my feet slowly but surely)

 What’s ironic about this fact is that, up until I began working, I absolutely hated getting dolled up and putting on heels. I will say that it’s totally grown on me – I feel a sense of empowerment every morning when I slip off my flip flops and strap on in to my heels. I think I’ll eventually have reasons to wear flats again, like for example when I become a mom. Then, my friends, if you have time to even LOCATE your god damn shoes, that’ll be an accomplishment. For now, I’ll relish in my high heel fetish and hope that my days of looking around frantically for my Keds are far, far away. 


I love to steal oversized college hoodies from men

Ok so, I’m hoping no one is offended by this tidbit, In case you’re wondering, no, I do not USUALLY partake in stealing — this I promise you. I will, however, cop to the fact that if a sweatshirt (let’s give a for instance here) is left at a cross country race, I wouldn’t be against picking it up and throwing it on. There’s something so warm and comforting about oversized sweatshirts — I take many of my brother’s too – he’s 6’3 which only INTENSIFIES the spacious coziness I feel when putting his hoodies on in particular. It’s also fun, may I point out, to throw on a hoodie, while dashing out in a rush, of someone who you most definitely do NOT communicate with anymore — brings back memories and a chuckle of revenge — that to me, is a big ass perk.


         While I pretend to dislike wedding nonsense and do often roll my eyes, I clearly daydream about it — more often than not

 In the fall, I opened up to everyone about my deep down realization that, I too, long to have a dream wedding…. a nice rock wouldn’t hurt either but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Not like I’m saying I’m a beggar or anything…. ok, nevermind. Anyway, I have seen way too many people I grew up with married and with baby by the age of 23. Good for them, but I don’t see myself in that mindframe JUST yet. I do, however, dream up amazing wedding destinations and may gaze slash drool at the beautiful dresses in the annual New York Mag’s Wedding Edition … can you really blame me?


I am obsessed with breakfast and would choose it over lunch and dinner, undoubtedly

Don’t get me wrong, I very much so enjoy my over-the-top, elongated dinners every night but breakfast to me is just the best meal of the day. My brother for some odd reason HATES breakfast entirely — he usually sleeps through the event and wakes up in time for lunch (his personal favorite meal of the day) – rough life he lives, I know. I think you really can’t NOT like the meal … If you’re into sweets there are an array of options to satisfy, such as pancakes, french toasts, cereals,  fruit parfaits and Belgian waffles. If you like something more hearty and savory, go for omelettes, bacon or grits. Come on folks, you also have to know by know that breakfast is the most important part of the day!

I can rewatch a movie a million times over but can’t re-read a book

I don’t really get it… usually people who can’t rewatch movies can’t reread books. I guess I’m an anomoly because LOVE going to the same restaurants over and over again and also rewatching some of my favorite movies. When it comes to books though, once I’ve read them the thrill and the intensity of the book, in my opinion is gone. That is not to say the few books that stuck with me over the years won’t be on my future bookshelf in my house, but that’ll be more for sharing with others — enabling them to have THEIR intitial thrill with the book.

I am wildly obsessed with ALL things Salty and Sweet and can’t take anything Spicy or Sour

Here is, yet another, difference between my brother and I. He is as spicy/sour ADDICT, whereas, if the salt shaker has run dry or there is no Splenda in our sweet jar, I pretty much would prefer not to sit down for the given meal. Not to say my cooking or my boyfriend/family/friend’s cooking isn’t up to par? I just can’t function without my salt….or insanely obnoxious amounts of sugar. I put on my “TAYLOR TO DO” list every year “STOP WITH ALL THE SUGAR AND SALT” but for some reason it seems to remain unchecked in my notebook.


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