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SPOTTED: September Excursions

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Grand Central Terminal – Market

So, one of the only sad parts about moving away from the West Side is being further away from Chelsea Market. I ADORE that market and truthfully would look to find a job in that building down the road (cough, Food Network I’m talking to you, cough) just to be in that vicinity. My mom, while stumbling around our new area in Midtown East, fell in love with the market inside of Grand Central Terminal – WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT?! It’s nowhere near as expansive as Chelsea but it’s unreal in regards to quality of fresh fish and fruit. I know now where to go after work en route home to get freshly caught fish – delish.

Mary Beth Cryan

Monster Sushi

Who knew I’d fall in love with a sushi joint, located nowhere near my work, job or boyfriend that features vibrating massage chairs in replace of actual chairs? The sushi, when it boils down to it, is extremely fresh and affordable. I love their Scallop and Chicken Teriyaki and a bunch of their Sashimi including the Fresh Scallop and Yellowtail. Jon likes the more obscure rolls that I have a roll or two to try but stick to the boring basics I always do when it comes to sushi. Their Bento Box, I must admit, is a ridiculous steal – for less than $20 you get 3 rolls, rice, soup, a teriyaki or tempura dish of choice and sald – insane. DO IT.

Chopsticks NY

Tamarind – Flatiron

 I don’t like Indian food really. I have something against it, why? I am not all too sure. I think it’s because most of the dishes involve coconut milk or a yogurt/cream based cause which will cause my stomach tons of pain. I did, however, agree early last summer to a first date at Tamarind. Oddly enough, I fell in love with the restaurant — Indian food as a whole, however, I’m still warming up to. I recently went back with a media colleague of mine and had yet another amazing dinner there – we both had the Crab Soup with Nutmeg, Ginger Juice and Safron as an appetizer and then the Tamarind Seafood Platter with Scallops, Shrimp, Lobster, Salmon and Sea Bass. We also had the Garlic Naan which was incredible. For non Indian lovers, you must try Tamarind (either in TriBeca or Flatiron) immediately.


Park Avenue Tavern

So now that I’ve moved further from my go-to-daily joint, Chelsea Grill (insert violin), I need to find a new spot in my new location. While I’ve been to Park Ave. Tavern with clients before, I haven’t ever dined there. While it’s an amazing after work drink spot, I wasn’t over the top impressed with my dinner, neither was Jon, for the price we paid and the extremely loud ambiance. I had the Caesar to start with a Roasted Halibut entree — fingerling potatoes, red pepper, artichoke hearts in a white wine sauce. Jon had the Burger with Gorgonzola and an aioli sauce. It was decent but I don’t think that’s the spot I’ll be frequenting (often alone by choice) all too often.

Park Ave. Tavern

Equinox Gym – Park Ave.

I succumbed, thanks to many people’s opinion, to joining Equinox. It’s only been a week but my “purchase” couldn’t have been more satisfying. As all of you know, I’m trying to branch out of my typical workout routines and thought that joining a gym with some great classes would be a big motivator to do so. I did Spin for the first time in over a year on Wednesday (GO ME!) and I have to admit, it kicked my ass. I thought after minute 11 about the ways in which I could leave, but luckily, the instructor’s enthusiasm and kick-butt attitude literally kept me going when I thought I couldn’t. I stayed even through the post-work out stretching! I would ideally like to do a class or two a week — keep that up and I’ll be able to cross it off my little old bucket list. Also, the workout spaces and the spa are just incredible. Excited to start my time there, definitely.



I’m a bit surprised with how just decent Fred’s was – it was a “stumble upon” pick but it had a lot of potential. The Cinnamon French Toast was good, but it could have been a lot richer of a taste seeing as that they used Challah instead of white bread. My eggs with cheese, were well.. just that, some eggs with Cheddar cheese. I don’t adventure it out really during breakfast I stick to eggs, fruit or toast usually. The $15 brunch did come with a “strong” Bloody Mary so I heard so I guess all in all it wasn’t a bad pick I just don’t think it was anything worth re-visiting — minus the really adorable dog themed interior with framed pictures of cute dogs surrounding the whole entire restaurant.



There are a ton of great spots in Chelsea, but Jon and I wanted to try something new this past weekend. Jon got the burger with capers and red onion with fries and I got the Boullabaise of sorts. Mine was very good and visually appealing – I think the best part of the lunch was the customary baguette with a great aioli. I’d like to go back for dinner, order the French Onion and some other good looking entress and then come back with a stronger opinion – lunch to me is the most boring meal of the day so I tend to never review where I head for lunch. A salad here.. a wrap there… a soup here. You get the picture. Dinner and breakfast, however, are totally different ball games.


Live Jazz at The Kitano Hotel

BREAKING NEWS: I found a live jazz spot, with AMAZING wine, literally a block or two away! I couldn’t be more proud of my little finding — the jazz/music is located upstairs in the Kitano Hotel. Every night there is either Open Mic, Piano or Jazz open to the masses. They say you need reservations but you can wait and get seated mid-show or during artist changes if you’d like. The Chardonnay they offer from Alexander Valley, 08′ is incredible – we down glasses unintentionally, whoops? The bar menu is oddly enough a mix of sushi (fresh) and American food. We ordered the Margherita Pizza last night with Shiitake Mushrooms, Arugula and Sauteed Onion – WOW. The music is also amazing – it really varies from artist to artist which makes it always exciting to pop by and hear what’s playing.




My Fall Bucket List

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Many things happened in August … a hurricane, an earthquake and an unforuntate tragedy in my hometown of Linwood, New Jersey… With that in mind, I want to take full advantage of every minute from this point moving forward. Sure, that’s overly aspirational… and most likely not going to stick more than a week or two but I WOULD like to hold myself to fufilling some if not ALL of my fall goals for my current Bucket List:

Take Up Watching A Spectator Sport

Beer Street Journal

I will come right out and say it… I am not competitive nor do I take any pleasure whatsoever in watching sports on television or live. The ONLY exception is going to live basketball games – something about them have always been thrilling to me. My dad and I went to a couple Philly games and Boston games – they were great memories. I’d love to learn football – no, not learn how to play, learn how to watch and be an avid and smart spectator. My family are big Eagles fans… by “big fans” I mean they’re more or less fair weathered ones – if the Eagles aren’t doing well, they turn on PBS or Sunday Night Edition of CBS. If they’re doing well, the whole room is on their feet and the beers are a’flowin. I woud like to be the knowledgeable level headed one who sticks to a team, regardless of how they do. WISH ME LUCK with that.

Find  A New Hobby – Exercise Wise That Is

Live Through Preppy Glasses

 As most of you know at this point, I’ve been a runner for 10 years now – weird to think about it but, regardless, I have been. I wouldn’t say I’m hardcore by ANY MEANS WHATSOEVER, let me preface it with that, but I do workout 5-6 days a week – it’s cathartic for me like sewing and needlepointing are for my mom. My only experience with non running related workout activites included three Spin classes over the course of my life. When the instructor screams at you to turn up the resitance and stand on your feet, I tend to do the opposite … I lower my notches and sit my butt back down due to exhaustion. I promise myself to do some classes this fall, perhaps at the oh-so-posh Soul Cycle, just to get myself out there meeting people who work out like me – I’m such an antisocial gym rat… who knew those even existed?

Host a Monthly Movie Night at My Apartment

Cooking on the Side

 I don’t ever host “soirees” it’s just… not my bag. I am not an entertainer nor am I good at multi tasking between cooking up good food to serve and being the hostess everyone wants me to be. I lived alone for three years in Boston with a great brownstone apartment and will soon be moving to my own place again in Midtown East Manhattan and yet? I just can’t pull it together to be that all-encompassing entertainer – my best friend, Ally, breeds domesticity – she is great with adorning apartments and throwing little cocktail parties. I clearly didn’t buy myself a mirror or put up a picture frame for 5 months, it wasn’t until I was told by my straight guy roommate that I need to add SOMETHING to my apartment, that it hit me just how bad I’ve become. I am hosting, starting this point on, a once a month movie marathon night. Whoever’s around can bring some food and booze (emphasis on the booze rather than the food part), and I will craft up some cocktails and food and well make a night of it. That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!

Going To The Thea-tre!

Hyper Vocal

 Before I even knew what running really was, I was ALL about being a Broadway star. I’d spend money on singing lessons for years, only to be told down the road that I was wasting the instructors time and my money, took dance (that, my friends, I was good at thank you very much) and starred in a few local plays (ok, well perhaps I didn’t star, but I was definitely in the top of the masthead). I love seeing Broadway shows more than I love most things in NYC – I just don’t allocate the small amount of time that I do have to going to shows… I should though, because they make me happy. I cannot wait to see Book of Mormon and perhaps Lion King for like… the third time. Who cares, “The Circle of Life” never gets old in my book.

Branch Out of Plain Old Black

Moma's Rolling Stone

I think it’s because my mom ONLY wears black that I too adopted the notion that black was all that you purchase when walking into a colorfully displayed retail store. Don’t get me wrong, black has major perks – it never goes out of style, it is always flattering AND you can spill wine or oil on yourself with minimal embarrasement. I do, however, feel that I look drab at times and or pale during the winter months when I wear black every day night and day. My olive skin looks good with colors such as olive, brown and periwinkle – I will be incorporating some fall hues into my wardrobe for this upcoming cool season. I want some mesh brown/cream sweaters, some tweed print skirts and some stament color pieces like bright orange and green.


Healthy Fall Dinner Recipe: Chicken with Penne, Rosemary, Sweet Potatoes, Arugula, Leeks and Feta

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Folks. September 1 has arrived. That’s quite scary in my opinion… seeing as that my time in the sun has shrunk significantly over the past few years. I surely do miss the summer days growing up I’d park my ass on a beach by 10am and not move (except for my WaWa sub that is) until 6pm. Adulthood, of course, kicked in and those days are long gone – womp womp womp.

On a less depressing note, I crafted an awesome new fall inspired healthy recipe – I took parts of a recipe I found on Eats Well with Others and then added in my own little pizzaz, as per ALWAYS. I should, just once, stick a recipe I find..especially when it comes to my baking seeing as that baking is ALL about precision and I’m ALL about spontaneity and creativity which leaves me many times with cookies starchier than biscuits found in Kentucky, WHOOPS.

This recipe incorporates tons of antioxidant powerhouses like sweet potatoes, leeks and arugula as well as classic favorite incorporations: chicken, rosemary and feta cheese. ENJOY!

Chicken with Rosemary, Feta, Arugula, Whole Wheat Penne, Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Sautéed Leeks


  • Boneless chicken breast (you could also swap this for Bay Scallops)
  • Some twigs of fresh rosemary
  • Crumbled low-fat feta cheese
  • 3 sweet potatoes (diced)
  • 3 leeks
  • 1 small box of arugula (organic prefered)
  • Whole wheat penne


  • In a small saute pan, saute the leeks (cut up into small circular shapes) for 15-20 minutes – wait until the leeks are golden brown
  • Turn the oven onto 450 — cut up the potatoes into small circles -drizzle with EVOO, rosemary, salt and pepper – bake in the oven 30 min until fully cooked 
  • Begin boiling your water, once boiling cook the penne pasta until al dente then set aside
  • In the same small pan, pour some more EVOO and cook the chicken with a little butter, salt/pepper and some twigs of fresh rosemary until fully cooked – set aside
  • In a large glass/plastic bowl, combine the chicken, penne pasta, roasted sweet potatoes, sautéed leeks — add in the crumbled feta and arugula
  • Garnish with additional feta and rosemary if you’d like