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25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

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  1. I spent my summers growing up in the Hamptons, yet never in the same house twice
  2. I will never forget where and what I was doing the minute I learned Princess Diana died
  3. I used to be severely claustrophobic — thank you medication over the years for helping with that
  4. I don’t get freaked out by heights whatsoever – or any spiders/creepy crawlers
  5. I tend to only wear black or variations thereof 
  6. For some reason, the ONLY movie I cry hysterically at is Walk to Remember with Mandy Moore and Shane West – the movie isn’t even that well scripted and clearly the acting isn’t Roberts/ DeNiro level but it just HITS HOME 
  7. I hate olives, sardines, octopus, anything spicy and of course black licorice 
  8. The day I got my tonsils out, minute by minute, is still embedded in my head for some reason 
  9. I despise rain – snow and heat I’m OK with but I’m miserable to be around in rain
  10. I work out mostly every day in solitude and don’t like to even ponder starting to do group work outs
  11. I wrote my college essay from the point of view of my running shoes – I got into every college I applied to with it 
  12. My brother used to run around the house with a stuffed crocodile head growing up – to date I’m still extremely afraid of them (doesn’t help when you fly to your boyfriend’s hometown for the first time and find the SAME croc in his room as well)
  13. My mom used to date Eric Clapton, some old members of the Beach Boys and probably a slew of other musicians – she’s also the coolest person I’ve met in my life and I beg her to write a multiple series on her life for a People Magazine exclusive 
  14. I am severely scared of sharks – one summer on our dinghie coming back from a dinner in Nantucket, my dad told me in pitch black dead still waters that Jaws was filmed in the water we were in –  I nearly had a heart attack that day
  15. While I come off confident, I do have a shit ton of insecurities – I actually spend the majority of my free time beating myself up about them
  16. I have an obsession with making my teeth whiter, always having my nails polished and a hair color I fall in love with 
  17. I grew up having MANY “uncles” – Uncle Mick, Uncle Bruce, Uncle Howie and Richie – it wasn’t until my parents had to break it down to me in the Hamptons one summer why Howie and Richie didn’t sleep in separate rooms that uncle meant homosexual 
  18. I absolutely adored my years going to Manchester, Vermont every Christmas to ski at Stratton Mountain with my family – the quintessential holiday time experience
  19. I lived alone for three out of four years in college and am currently back to living alone, but can live with others and love it 
  20. Who I was for the first portion of my life and who I’ve become are two totally different things – I was extremely bubbly, optimistic and relentless – while the relentless has stayed the same, I’m MUCH more of a realistic and tend to talk a lot but never would be classified as “perky” by any friends or co-workers
  21. Blogging is my outlet – while everyone now is a “blogger” my writing on this blog since 2008 is my public journal and experiences – I wouldn’t take back my time I’ve spent blogging for anything and continue with my writing – who knows where it may lead?
  22. I’m not really an animal person – I used to also not be a baby person but now I can’t stop coddling ones I see on the street, clearly, the parents aren’t all too pleased
  23. I’ve lived in the following states: New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, Boston and New York. I also have a home in Miami, Florida but can’t include that as a residence can I?
  24. My undying professional goal growing up was to become a broadway star – I’d invested too much money and time of singing, dancing and acting lessons only to be told down the road my “investment” wasn’t worth the “outcome” aka… find another field, Tayl
  25. Nothing is ever boring in my life or sane – sometimes I love that and sometimes it kills me 

The Kardashians – My Ongoing Love & Hate Obsession

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I rarely wiffle waffle, but when it comes to Keeping Up With the Kardashians… and well, the Kardashian family in general, I seem to be entirely torn. On one end of the spectrum, I despise just how dramatic every waking moment of their lives are and yet on the other end, I love the dynamic between the obscenely large family  (the Jenner reject boys included). I thought it would be entertaining to break down my thoughts about some, not all, of the family members. If I did a review of each member this post would morph into a short novel.

Kim and Kris


Eh.. I’ve now watched the “Fairytale Wedding” special at least two times already and while I wish I could say that Kim and Kris are on the road to a happy and long marriage? The first two-hours of the special were unbelievably horrifying to watch. They’re days (if not hours) away from being man and wife and they are literally taking jabs at each other.  The time frame for which they were together before getting married also is a big red flag. In the special, I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but Kris never met her grandparents before or vice versa for that matter. That’s awkward. Also, when she visits his home in Minnesota she more or less rips his whole lifestyle and “style” apart – you shouldn’t have to change someone, you should love who they are and unfortunately, dog framed photos and a very homely looking bedroom isn’t her idea of “picture perfect.” The wedding itself was SO LAVISH that I truly hope they stay united – her three dresses changes were obnoxious – also, the fact that she wouldn’t let Kris even hug her RIGHT AFTER THE WEDDING didn’t help paint a better picture… WE’LL SEE.

Khloe and Lamar

CDN Buzznet

Just Jared

OK – I have to confess, I read their Tweets to one another and can’t help but fawn after the couple. While they too met and married very quickly, they are absolutely in love with each other and a great fit. They work great together it seems even on photo shoots. I think Khloe doesn’t get nearly as much attention/spotlight as Kim and Kourtney do, but she should. She’s level headed for the most part, runs DASH and seems to be madly in love with her hubby. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her speaking to Kris about her dislike for him – she was right, everyone was saying it she just had the balls to talk about it. I think that couple will stay together actually. I can’t wait to see what their children will look like.

Kourtney and Scott “Dickface”

Official Kourtney

I’m kind of indifferent about this duo. They shouldn’t marry, Kourtney’s right. They have always battled over Scott’s pompous behavior and drinking issues. He seems to be a fairly responsible dad, fairly being the key word there. He’s constantly itching to go out and have rowdy sloppy weekends in Vegas – never looking to stay in and enjoy “family time.” While a lot of people have shit with him, I think a lot of it is just talk to give him a lasting and memorable impression on the show – even if it is a negative one.  One major site note: I love Mason – he’s the best dressed kid I’ve seen in a while. His hair is also so suave – sorry Kris, but he DID steal the show during your wedding.


Celebrity News

So what he still crashes on his sister’s couches? If he had a big ass and long beautiful hair he’d be able to afford his own mansion too like his sisters. I think he’s shaping his act up as pathetic as it sounds with the latest stint on Dancing with The Stars. He won’t win, clearly, but he’s getting into better shape and more exposure on TV. I think what he should do to create a huge upset on the show would be to start dating a SMOKE SHOW – I mean, someone as hot as Kim. That would be hilarious to see since I think these sisters need to step out of their own little bubble sometime very soon. I’m Team Rob. 

Brody Loser Jenner 

TV Fanatic

Where do I even begin with this one? He was a prick on Laguna Beach/ The Hills/Whatever other mindless reality TV shows we was on. He then wrapped up that gig and began doing, well, absolutely nothing as per usual. Oh no wait, I’m sorry, he began dating someone even more loser-ish than himself – Avril Lavigne. You have to be kidding me. I get that Bruce is all about the Kardashians and not the Jenner’s but let’s be serious here – you’ll never be cool no matter what cousins you may be associated with – sorry life’s tough get a helmet, brah. 

Favorite Fall Recipes Online

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Pumpkin Potato Latkes

Serious Eats has outdone it again with one of their latest Sweet Potato Latke recipe. I love the tradition behind the regular potato latkes, but this is really innovative and seasonal. Plus, sweet potatoes require a lot less oil since they are naturally much sweeter than white potatoes. I think maybe I’ll make these during the November – December time frame… I’m in the heavy fall/Thanksgiving mode but MORE THAN READY for my Hannukah latke season. 

Serious Eats

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

I used to adore chicken nuggets – plain and simple with honey from McDonald’s – just me if you’d like. I think now that fast food has proven to be even worse for our society than we originally thought, re-creating your fast food favorites is the most ideal way to enjoy them. I think making french fries is just too against the grain, but healthier chicken nuggets can definitely become a staple in my weeknight cooking routine. 

Simply Reem

White Chocolate Halloween Candy Corn Bark 

I love candy corn… and I love white chocolate. This is why I adore this recipe – I think this would be an adorable treat at a Halloween Party you may be throwing or even better, a cute tin to bring with you if you’re attending a party yourself. The pretzels definitely add some salty and savory features that help round this delicious dessert out. 

Very Culinary

Parmesan Garlic Knot

I tend to order a side of parmesan with mostly every dish that I order. I thing there is something so warm and inviting about garlic knots. They’re easy to replicate, inexpensive and unbelievably satisfying. The version below sticks the basics: garlic and fresh parmesan which is what I think garlic knots should be – nothing too over-the-top since it’ll take away the essence of such a classic side dish. 

Real Mom Kitchen

Candy Corn Cake In A Jar

I love Babble’s “cake in a jar” recipes online. They have shaped this adorable concept to fit mostly every season – the website featured a fabulous Fourth of July themed cake, but even more ridiculously cute is their Birthday Cake in a Jar. You MUST visit the Babble Food section to check it out. 


French Onion Soup

It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t include at least one recipe for French Onion. When it comes to the most satisfying fall soup, I’m sorry, but Broccoli Cheddar and Split Pea don’t hold a handle to French Onion. You have the bubbly crispy cheese with the undeniably good combination of caramelized onions, broth and a baguette. I swear I’ll learn to master the art of making this soup this year if it’s the last thing I do. 

Hungry Cravings

My Top Halloween Candy Picks – 2011

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I know, I know. I’m being a bitttt premature with this post, but I just simply can’t help it. I LOVE HALLOWEEN SO MUCH. It’s the first time of year you smell wood burning (in suburbs that is, I haven’t smelled any goddamn wood since I’ve lived in SF, Boston or NY… grrr). I also love how simply cool and crisp the weather is on the night of Halloween – it never seems to be horrible out, perhaps a bit nippy but nothing awful.

I grew up wearing some of the least girly, most unusual costumes ever. For example, I was once Wendy from the Aadams Family and then a “Joker” which no one who opened their door for me, knew what I was exactly. Oh well, I tried to be creative. I’ve given up with the costumes for the most part, but my unwavering love for all things Halloween has nowhere near diminished.

Below is a list of my Top Picks for this upcoming Halloween – whether you’re hosting a party or… creepishly wearing a mask to steal candy from people most likely your own age:

Take 5

So… pretty much… the bar is a combination of pretzels, chocolate, peanuts, peanut butter and caramel. How can you possibly NOT like this chocolate candy? I didn’t really know about it as a kid, I was more of a “Nutrageous”-er if you will, but I’m glad that later in life, I found out about these great bars. My finance department coordinator has a piggy bank of chocolate (yes, I know, there’s always one employee like that in every workplace) well she keeps some stashed just for me. I let her keep the Mounds and Almond Joy’s… CLEARLY, gross me out. 

Candy Blog


I’ve blogged many times about my adoration for Dots. It’s one of those foods that my mom totally warped me into loving as a little kid and it’s stuck ever since. While I haven’t ever tried the Halloween inspired ones below, I figured, of they’re out there on the market and I’m blogging specifically about Halloween candy why not use this picture, right? Whichever variety of Dots you choose, you just simply can’t go wrong. 

Ryno Report

Homemade Caramel and Candy Apples

My grandmother has showed up at my house in NJ since I was born in a VERY peculiar costume of choice with a big ol’ basket of homemade caramel and candy apples. I was fortunate to even have her send me the apples while in college at Boston. They just bring back Halloween’s throughout my childhood. My grandparents would show up WAY later than the rest of the trick-or-treaters in either a Reagan or Bush mask… sometimes they’d even dress as human peacocks, regardless of costume, we’d always have those apples. Damn do I love them and the memories associated. 

Edible Crafts

Reeses – Halloween Edition

I’m a big sucker for all things peanut butter. You really can put PB with MOST food items and it’ll be delectable. Yes,  I just included the word delectable in my blog. #firstforeverything. I used to do the usual brother/sister post Halloween trick-or-treating candy swap. He’s a huge fan of all things sour which I’m clearly not and he hates all things savory (aka REESES) therefore, we always thoroughly enjoyed our annual swaps. I got everything from peanut butter filled pretzels (lame in comparison to other picks but hey, beggars can’t be choosers) to white chocolate Reeses which is my all time favorite. WHITE CHOCOLATE + PEANUT BUTTER  = PURELY INSANE DELICIOUSNESS. 

Shopping Blog

 Tootsie Pops (Preferably the Cherry and Chocolate Flavors)

Embarrassingly enough, I often find myself bringing in Tootsie Pops to the workplace solely so I can hoard a bunch of them in my drawer. I love these pops. Oddly enough, I love the chocolate one’s which no one but me (I don’t think) enjoys. It’s very creamy and less harsh then the acidic blueberry and cherry’s. I wouldn’t turn down a cherry flavored pop though, so don’t think that please. I’m a level-headed person, come on. 

Christina Cronk

Candy Corn

I used to hate the concept of candy corn. It grossed me OUT. For some reason, though, I’ve become such a fan of the candy over the past few years. Maybe with age, my palate has become more open to sugary, artificially colored halloween candy – who knows. All I know is that I adore candy corn year-round. I shouldn’t probably admit that should I? Oh well. 

Mix My Granola

Lovely Snapshots of My Fall

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My New Hood

There’s something so authentically New York about Park Avenue/Grand Central. It just exudes this sense of stability and tradition that I adore. Granted, I’ll love to move maybe in a year or two to a younger area like Union Square or LES but for now, since I’m back to living alone, I love being in such an old-school part of the city. A few spots I’ve been frequenting around here include: Pershing Cafe, El Rio Grande, Josie’s East, Dig Inn aka Pump Food, Les Halles (a bit more Gramercy area) and Park Avenue Tavern 

Lazy Sunday Brunch, Made by Yours Truly

I FINALLY snapped a shot of my Taylor concoction breakfast I’ve written to you guys about for years. I’ve made the same mix-up for breakfast probably for the past 4 years. It’s egg whites, some cheese (whatever you have mix and match  – Parmesan, Feta, Goat, American slices, doesn’t matter), sautee in some spinach (or any other veggies — asparagus, swiss chard, broccoli etc) and perhaps some garlic, salt and pepper and just scramble in a pan. Utter messy and confusing deliciousness of a breakfast trust me. I am also LOVING the Roasted Garlic Salsa from Green Mountain – it’s delicious. I hate most canned salsas, I much prefer fresher pico de gallo’s but this canned salsa does the trick. Also, nothing…. and I mean nothing compares to a Sunday morning extra toasted Whole Wheat Everything Bagel. #bliss. 

Time With My Parents

I am so happy for the time being to be in NYC – for those of you who don’t know, I was supposed to head to USC for my Masters in the summer of 2010 after graduating from Boston University but decided, instead, to postpone and work a bit to get my hands dirty. Well, if I want to continue with that analogy, my hands are most definitely in need of a cleaning. What I’ve learned in a year and a change has been indescribable I can’t put into words how smart my decision was. Moving here and not to the West Coast also enabled me to spend more time either at the beach at home or with my parents in the city -coming from a family without little to no relatives, depending on the side you’re referring to, it means a lot to me to see my parents as often as I can. Corny paragraph…. now complete. 

Randomly Stumbling Upon Great Street Fairs 

Boy do I love flea markets and street fairs. Sometimes you run into the shitty ones where you feel like you’ve seen the same “chachkies” at every other flea market. Sometimes, however,  you stumble across some amazing booths with authentic designers who aren’t wavering from crafting unique non-homogenized artwork which I truly love since that’s what my mom’s whole jewelry line has been about since she began her business which is all made domestically. Also, sometimes, you meet great people and find junk you’d never purchase elsewhere otherwise. Love me some fall fairs – keep em’ coming. 

“Back to School Shopping” 

I was intending on writing a whole post on what I purchased this fall and perhaps if I find the time this upcoming week I will, but for now all I will do is take a brief snapshot of the purchases and gush about how much I love some of the items. BCBG pulled through big time this fall with some HOT leather dresses that I can wear to work and other leather ones I’m for SURE not wearing in a work setting. I also bought some great fitting Citizens of Humanity – they’ve always fit me well and for someone my body frame it’s not as simple as one would expect. Usually people have butts of SOME SORT. I, however, wasn’t fortunate in that department. Oh well. Also, some great Aqua going out tees. I’ll just shut up and post about it in its entirety this week. You’re welcome in advance.