Lovely Snapshots of My Fall

In Uncategorized on October 2, 2011 at 8:45 pm

My New Hood

There’s something so authentically New York about Park Avenue/Grand Central. It just exudes this sense of stability and tradition that I adore. Granted, I’ll love to move maybe in a year or two to a younger area like Union Square or LES but for now, since I’m back to living alone, I love being in such an old-school part of the city. A few spots I’ve been frequenting around here include: Pershing Cafe, El Rio Grande, Josie’s East, Dig Inn aka Pump Food, Les Halles (a bit more Gramercy area) and Park Avenue Tavern 

Lazy Sunday Brunch, Made by Yours Truly

I FINALLY snapped a shot of my Taylor concoction breakfast I’ve written to you guys about for years. I’ve made the same mix-up for breakfast probably for the past 4 years. It’s egg whites, some cheese (whatever you have mix and match  – Parmesan, Feta, Goat, American slices, doesn’t matter), sautee in some spinach (or any other veggies — asparagus, swiss chard, broccoli etc) and perhaps some garlic, salt and pepper and just scramble in a pan. Utter messy and confusing deliciousness of a breakfast trust me. I am also LOVING the Roasted Garlic Salsa from Green Mountain – it’s delicious. I hate most canned salsas, I much prefer fresher pico de gallo’s but this canned salsa does the trick. Also, nothing…. and I mean nothing compares to a Sunday morning extra toasted Whole Wheat Everything Bagel. #bliss. 

Time With My Parents

I am so happy for the time being to be in NYC – for those of you who don’t know, I was supposed to head to USC for my Masters in the summer of 2010 after graduating from Boston University but decided, instead, to postpone and work a bit to get my hands dirty. Well, if I want to continue with that analogy, my hands are most definitely in need of a cleaning. What I’ve learned in a year and a change has been indescribable I can’t put into words how smart my decision was. Moving here and not to the West Coast also enabled me to spend more time either at the beach at home or with my parents in the city -coming from a family without little to no relatives, depending on the side you’re referring to, it means a lot to me to see my parents as often as I can. Corny paragraph…. now complete. 

Randomly Stumbling Upon Great Street Fairs 

Boy do I love flea markets and street fairs. Sometimes you run into the shitty ones where you feel like you’ve seen the same “chachkies” at every other flea market. Sometimes, however,  you stumble across some amazing booths with authentic designers who aren’t wavering from crafting unique non-homogenized artwork which I truly love since that’s what my mom’s whole jewelry line has been about since she began her business which is all made domestically. Also, sometimes, you meet great people and find junk you’d never purchase elsewhere otherwise. Love me some fall fairs – keep em’ coming. 

“Back to School Shopping” 

I was intending on writing a whole post on what I purchased this fall and perhaps if I find the time this upcoming week I will, but for now all I will do is take a brief snapshot of the purchases and gush about how much I love some of the items. BCBG pulled through big time this fall with some HOT leather dresses that I can wear to work and other leather ones I’m for SURE not wearing in a work setting. I also bought some great fitting Citizens of Humanity – they’ve always fit me well and for someone my body frame it’s not as simple as one would expect. Usually people have butts of SOME SORT. I, however, wasn’t fortunate in that department. Oh well. Also, some great Aqua going out tees. I’ll just shut up and post about it in its entirety this week. You’re welcome in advance. 


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