My Top Halloween Candy Picks – 2011

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I know, I know. I’m being a bitttt premature with this post, but I just simply can’t help it. I LOVE HALLOWEEN SO MUCH. It’s the first time of year you smell wood burning (in suburbs that is, I haven’t smelled any goddamn wood since I’ve lived in SF, Boston or NY… grrr). I also love how simply cool and crisp the weather is on the night of Halloween – it never seems to be horrible out, perhaps a bit nippy but nothing awful.

I grew up wearing some of the least girly, most unusual costumes ever. For example, I was once Wendy from the Aadams Family and then a “Joker” which no one who opened their door for me, knew what I was exactly. Oh well, I tried to be creative. I’ve given up with the costumes for the most part, but my unwavering love for all things Halloween has nowhere near diminished.

Below is a list of my Top Picks for this upcoming Halloween – whether you’re hosting a party or… creepishly wearing a mask to steal candy from people most likely your own age:

Take 5

So… pretty much… the bar is a combination of pretzels, chocolate, peanuts, peanut butter and caramel. How can you possibly NOT like this chocolate candy? I didn’t really know about it as a kid, I was more of a “Nutrageous”-er if you will, but I’m glad that later in life, I found out about these great bars. My finance department coordinator has a piggy bank of chocolate (yes, I know, there’s always one employee like that in every workplace) well she keeps some stashed just for me. I let her keep the Mounds and Almond Joy’s… CLEARLY, gross me out. 

Candy Blog


I’ve blogged many times about my adoration for Dots. It’s one of those foods that my mom totally warped me into loving as a little kid and it’s stuck ever since. While I haven’t ever tried the Halloween inspired ones below, I figured, of they’re out there on the market and I’m blogging specifically about Halloween candy why not use this picture, right? Whichever variety of Dots you choose, you just simply can’t go wrong. 

Ryno Report

Homemade Caramel and Candy Apples

My grandmother has showed up at my house in NJ since I was born in a VERY peculiar costume of choice with a big ol’ basket of homemade caramel and candy apples. I was fortunate to even have her send me the apples while in college at Boston. They just bring back Halloween’s throughout my childhood. My grandparents would show up WAY later than the rest of the trick-or-treaters in either a Reagan or Bush mask… sometimes they’d even dress as human peacocks, regardless of costume, we’d always have those apples. Damn do I love them and the memories associated. 

Edible Crafts

Reeses – Halloween Edition

I’m a big sucker for all things peanut butter. You really can put PB with MOST food items and it’ll be delectable. Yes,  I just included the word delectable in my blog. #firstforeverything. I used to do the usual brother/sister post Halloween trick-or-treating candy swap. He’s a huge fan of all things sour which I’m clearly not and he hates all things savory (aka REESES) therefore, we always thoroughly enjoyed our annual swaps. I got everything from peanut butter filled pretzels (lame in comparison to other picks but hey, beggars can’t be choosers) to white chocolate Reeses which is my all time favorite. WHITE CHOCOLATE + PEANUT BUTTER  = PURELY INSANE DELICIOUSNESS. 

Shopping Blog

 Tootsie Pops (Preferably the Cherry and Chocolate Flavors)

Embarrassingly enough, I often find myself bringing in Tootsie Pops to the workplace solely so I can hoard a bunch of them in my drawer. I love these pops. Oddly enough, I love the chocolate one’s which no one but me (I don’t think) enjoys. It’s very creamy and less harsh then the acidic blueberry and cherry’s. I wouldn’t turn down a cherry flavored pop though, so don’t think that please. I’m a level-headed person, come on. 

Christina Cronk

Candy Corn

I used to hate the concept of candy corn. It grossed me OUT. For some reason, though, I’ve become such a fan of the candy over the past few years. Maybe with age, my palate has become more open to sugary, artificially colored halloween candy – who knows. All I know is that I adore candy corn year-round. I shouldn’t probably admit that should I? Oh well. 

Mix My Granola

  1. whenever did they come out with chocolate peanut butter pumpkins!!

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