The Kardashians – My Ongoing Love & Hate Obsession

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I rarely wiffle waffle, but when it comes to Keeping Up With the Kardashians… and well, the Kardashian family in general, I seem to be entirely torn. On one end of the spectrum, I despise just how dramatic every waking moment of their lives are and yet on the other end, I love the dynamic between the obscenely large family  (the Jenner reject boys included). I thought it would be entertaining to break down my thoughts about some, not all, of the family members. If I did a review of each member this post would morph into a short novel.

Kim and Kris


Eh.. I’ve now watched the “Fairytale Wedding” special at least two times already and while I wish I could say that Kim and Kris are on the road to a happy and long marriage? The first two-hours of the special were unbelievably horrifying to watch. They’re days (if not hours) away from being man and wife and they are literally taking jabs at each other.  The time frame for which they were together before getting married also is a big red flag. In the special, I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but Kris never met her grandparents before or vice versa for that matter. That’s awkward. Also, when she visits his home in Minnesota she more or less rips his whole lifestyle and “style” apart – you shouldn’t have to change someone, you should love who they are and unfortunately, dog framed photos and a very homely looking bedroom isn’t her idea of “picture perfect.” The wedding itself was SO LAVISH that I truly hope they stay united – her three dresses changes were obnoxious – also, the fact that she wouldn’t let Kris even hug her RIGHT AFTER THE WEDDING didn’t help paint a better picture… WE’LL SEE.

Khloe and Lamar

CDN Buzznet

Just Jared

OK – I have to confess, I read their Tweets to one another and can’t help but fawn after the couple. While they too met and married very quickly, they are absolutely in love with each other and a great fit. They work great together it seems even on photo shoots. I think Khloe doesn’t get nearly as much attention/spotlight as Kim and Kourtney do, but she should. She’s level headed for the most part, runs DASH and seems to be madly in love with her hubby. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her speaking to Kris about her dislike for him – she was right, everyone was saying it she just had the balls to talk about it. I think that couple will stay together actually. I can’t wait to see what their children will look like.

Kourtney and Scott “Dickface”

Official Kourtney

I’m kind of indifferent about this duo. They shouldn’t marry, Kourtney’s right. They have always battled over Scott’s pompous behavior and drinking issues. He seems to be a fairly responsible dad, fairly being the key word there. He’s constantly itching to go out and have rowdy sloppy weekends in Vegas – never looking to stay in and enjoy “family time.” While a lot of people have shit with him, I think a lot of it is just talk to give him a lasting and memorable impression on the show – even if it is a negative one.  One major site note: I love Mason – he’s the best dressed kid I’ve seen in a while. His hair is also so suave – sorry Kris, but he DID steal the show during your wedding.


Celebrity News

So what he still crashes on his sister’s couches? If he had a big ass and long beautiful hair he’d be able to afford his own mansion too like his sisters. I think he’s shaping his act up as pathetic as it sounds with the latest stint on Dancing with The Stars. He won’t win, clearly, but he’s getting into better shape and more exposure on TV. I think what he should do to create a huge upset on the show would be to start dating a SMOKE SHOW – I mean, someone as hot as Kim. That would be hilarious to see since I think these sisters need to step out of their own little bubble sometime very soon. I’m Team Rob. 

Brody Loser Jenner 

TV Fanatic

Where do I even begin with this one? He was a prick on Laguna Beach/ The Hills/Whatever other mindless reality TV shows we was on. He then wrapped up that gig and began doing, well, absolutely nothing as per usual. Oh no wait, I’m sorry, he began dating someone even more loser-ish than himself – Avril Lavigne. You have to be kidding me. I get that Bruce is all about the Kardashians and not the Jenner’s but let’s be serious here – you’ll never be cool no matter what cousins you may be associated with – sorry life’s tough get a helmet, brah. 


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